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2006-01-26 14:05MasterChef challenge, Day 2: Really Asian Fusion Soup
2006-01-27 17:20What's it like to work in a restaurant?
2006-01-28 12:05IMBB 22: Kitsune Udon with fresh udon noodles
2006-01-29 21:14Heissi Marroni (hot roasted chestnuts)
2006-01-29 22:06MasterChef challenge, day 3: A plate of nibbles
2006-01-29 23:12MasterChef challenge, day 4: Lamb Pilau with Beet and Kumquat Chutney
2006-02-02 12:49MasterChef challenge, day 5: Baby Lamb Chops and Stove-Top Pommes Anna
2006-02-02 14:22MasterChef challenge, day 6: Not So Classic Fish Pie
2006-02-03 20:36Restaurant Blinde Kuh: dining in total darkness
2006-02-05 07:49Yes, the pot did survive
2006-02-05 08:34MasterChef challenge, day 7: Cabbage Rolls and Potato Pancakes
2006-02-06 23:37Masterchef challenge day 8: Seared tuna, arugula and basil linguine
2006-02-08 15:08Edelweiss cheese
2006-02-09 16:08Masterchef challenge, day 9: Pork Medallions and Bubble and Squeak
2006-02-11 03:32Masterchef challenge, day 10: Vegetable and Mussel Risotto
2006-02-12 16:09Masterchef challenge, day 11: Calamari fritti and roasted red pepper salsa
2006-02-13 16:56MasterChef challenge, day 12: Maple glazed duck breast with sweet potato, potato and parsnip oven fries
2006-02-14 18:10Happy Valentine's Day!
2006-02-16 00:28Masterchef challenge, day 13: Grilled Sardine on Avocado and Endive with Momojioroshi
2006-02-16 19:00Masterchef challenge, day 14: Feta, olive and onion pizza

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