Japanese grocery stores in Canada

General Canada notes: Vancouver has a large Asian population.

T & T Supermarket is a nationwide Chinese/Asian supermarket chain.


T & T Supermarket
Chinese and English web site
See store locations and hours for Alberta stores here.

British Columbia (Vancouver, Victoria, etc.)

Fujiya Japanese Foods
912 Clark Drive, Vancouver, BC (604) 251-3711
112 1050 W. Pender St., Vancouver, BC
Tel: 604.608.1050
English web site
Also at
113-3086 St. Edwards Dr.
Richmond, BC
Tel: 604.270.3715
Also at
3624 Shelbourne Street
Victoria, BC
Tel: 250.598.3711
They say they deliver orders over $100 for free in the downtown core, and for a fee elsewhere. However you have to call them to order: 1.877.8.FUJIYA (385492)
Comments: "I can’t personally vouch for the Richmond and Victoria locations, but the Vancouver locations always have what I’m looking for and more. Many of our grocery stores have Asian sections but the products are always more reasonably priced at Fujiya than anywhere else. Besides packaged products, they have a fresh fish section and a counter making sushi which is extremely fresh and cheap. (Because we’re on the coast?) I was a little reluctant to give out the downtown location address because it is my favourite place for take-out sushi (not that I eat it every day) but it is super busy every lunch hour. They get twice daily deliveries from the main store of freshly made sushi and the line-up is out the door every day starting around 11:30 and doesn’t thin out until after 1PM. Crazy! -(julie)
"Lots of Japanese groceries that are hard to find anywhere else. Here’s the website" -(Maria)
Komatsu Japanese Market
140-1855 Kirschner Road
Kelowna BC Canada V1Y 4N7
Tel: 250 862-9338
Comments: "A small Japanese grocery store, Komatsu has many basic Japanese ingredients and has a freezer section with specialty ingredients such as thinly sliced beef, fish, gyoza, and daifuku. There are no fresh vegetable/fruit items, but they do have pickled daikon, sushi ginger, miso paste, konnyaku noodles, and other fridge items. They also have a sushi kitchen in the back; the store has some pre-made sushi meals in their fridge unit or you can order sushi made for you fresh. They also have some older manga and video tapes all in Japanese only. Prices are relatively good, slightly on the higher side." -(Nat)
Oriental Supermarket
2575 HWY 97 N
Tel: 250-762-2395
Annoying Flash-only auto-music-playing web site in English
Mon-Sat: 9:30am-6:00pm Sun: 10:30am-5:00am
Comments: "Recently moved and renovated, the Oriental Supermarket has tons of ethnic food items! Mexican, Thai, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Japanese. Large freezer section, a good sized fresh grocery department, lots of dry goods and a sushi bar that makes the only good bubble tea available in Kelowna (that I know of). I blew over $60 the first time I visited the store after their renovations. One warning, however-ALWAYS check the expiration date on food products from this store-I have, on more than one occasion, unpacked my goods at home only to realize that I have to throw one or two things away. Prices at this store are considerably lower than Komatsu, but the products are most likely not as fresh, so keep a sharp eye." -(Nat)
T & T Supermarket
Chinese and English web site
See store locations and hours for B.C. stores here.


Korean Food Market
16 Parkdale Avenue North
Hamilton, Ontario
Tel: (905) 312-8989
Comments: "they offer a very large number of Japanese items." -(Valerie)

Toronto area

PAT Spring Garden Market
63 Spring Garden Av (off Yonge St, just North of Sheppard Av)
North York, ON M2N 3G1
Tel 416-226-5522
Comments: "Korean market with a good selection of sushi fixings" -(ghamina)
Galleria Supermarket
7171 Yonge St (North of Steeles Av)
Thornhill, ON L3T 2A9
Tel 905-771-1474
English and Korean web site
Comments: "Another Korean market with a good selection of sushi fixings, including sashimi" -(ghamina)
MITS Toronto
585 Yonge St
Toronto, ON
Tel: (416) 962-4860, Fax: (416) 962-4868
Japanese web site
Groceries, manga, video rentals, used Japanese books, manga _kissa_ (a cafe where you can sit and read manga...) with wireless intenet, package delivery service center for sending stuff to Japan via Kuroneko Yamato
Sanko Japanese Foods and Gifts
730 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario
Tel 416-703-4550
Mon, Wed-Sat 10:00am - 7:00pm, Sun 11:00am - 6:00pm, closed Tue
English and Japanese web site
Comments: "Great little store. They sell tea sets, rice cookers, dried foods, frozen foods, fresh foods. Lots of variety. It’s in a very busy area. There is street parking, but there are also two or three spaces especially for the store." -(kelly)
T & T Supermarket
Chinese and English web site
See store locations and hours for Ontario stores here.

Toronto also has a Japantown (J-Town) mall.


Asian Variety Store
159 Water Street, St. John’s, Newfoundland
Tel: 709-726-1698
Comments: "Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Indonesia items, food as well as a small selection of decorative items and fresh sushi on certain days." -(Izumi)

Nova Scotia

Heiwa Oriental Market
7018 Chebucto Road
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Tel: 902-455-8383
Comments: "Primarily Korean, with some Japanese food, too." -(anon)


Montreal area

Ja Mae
2116 Boulevard Décarie
Montreal, Quebec
Tel: 514-489-9777
Comments: "Korean, with many Japanese products" -(anon)
382 Victoria
Montreal, Quebec
Tel 514-481-1952
English and French web site

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