Food related shopping places in Japan you should visit

Please limit your suggestions to stores and places that are food-related: edibles, supplies, equipment, etc.

Precce Premium - Tokyo

Comments: "In a city where food presentation is elevated into an artform, this store peddles food pornography of the most sordid and explicit kind. I'm surprised the wheels of my chair didn't go rusty from the dribble trailing from my open mouth. From the displays of unbearably beautifully fruit to the softly cascading clouds of dry ice that caressed impeccably fresh fish in dream-like soft-focus, this store is nothing but a delectable series of temptations." -(Loretta) Link, Map.

All the 100 yen shops you could ever want to visit

...are all listed on this Guide to 100 yen shops by region (Japanese only unfortunately, but it's a start!)

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