200 recipes!

I just realized that the kuri squash and apple maple pudding recipe is actually the 200th recipe posted on Just Hungry. 200 spread out over almost 4 years may not seem like that much, but every one of them has been tried and tested, in most cases repeatedly, so...it actually is quite a lot for me! Judging from the comments and email I get, most of them seem to work fairly well for people, which makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

(I also realized that 'pudding' may not be the right name for it...it's more like a pie, without the crust. Though if you chill it before eating, it does sort of become a squash-cream pudding. I'll leave the name as is though - whatever it may be called, it's really delicious!)

I actually am unable to eat anything at the moment...due to a really bad case of tonsilitis. (I held out against going to the doctor until this morning, when it was so bad I literally couldn't swallow my own saliva, let alone plain cold water. Sometimes antibiotics are the best solution, even if a hot toddy tastes better.) So, I may take a few days off of updating Just Hungry (there are a couple of posts in the queue on Just Bento)...writing about food when you can't have any is sort of tough.

So....Happy Thanksgiving if that applies, and keep warm!

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