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Being a chocoholic and living in Switzerland can be a dangerous thing. Just going to the supermarket, one is confronted with row upon row of high quality chocolate, the type that you'd have to pay a premium for in the U.S. Aside from perhaps the cheapest brands, most Swiss chocolate bars in the US $1-2 range are delicious.

So, I rarely stray out of the chocolate borders so to speak to the other chocolate producing nations such as Belgium and France. (Sometimes I get a craving for a good old American candy bar like Snickers, but I think that's a craving coming from a sort of a different area of my stomach.) However, the other day I discovered this very intriguing bar made by a Belgian company called Dolfin, that said it has masala in it.

Masala is an Indian spice mixture. I couldn't imagine what it would taste like in a sweet milk chocolate bar. So of course, I had to try it.

One bite, and I was hooked. The coarsely ground spices are just slightly crunchy, and the spiciness contrasts perfectly with the excellent quality milk chocolate. I immediately had to try another one, for the sake of investigative reporting of course. Never mind that a bar of this costs CHF 3.60, or twice the price of the excellent Crèmant from Caillers that is my standard for a good chocolate bar.

Dolfin also creates other chocolate "creations", as they call them, such as Earl Grey tea in dark chocolate, fresh ginger chocolate, and pink peppercorn chocolate. So far I've tried the Earl Grey one and the Masala one again. They were both very intriguing, and delicious.

They are offered by mailorder, though unfortunately not during the summer. See if your favorite gourmet store has them...they are worth searching out. Here in Zürich they're available at Globus.

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