Swiss National Holiday

1. August bread and decorated eggs

I'd like to interrupt my England essays with a little bit of Switzerland! Today, August 1st, is the Swiss National Holiday. Next to the Americans, I think that Swiss seem to like to display their flag the most (just on a normal day you see lots of flags and flag motifs everywhere), but today the distinctive red-and-white design is everywhere. You can buy the flag itself in all sizes of course, plus flag-decorated t-shirts and other clothing items, plates and cups for all the picnics and barbeques that will be taking place today, and even flag-decorated fireworks. There will be lots of fireworks displays today, large and small.

The flag also appears on the food itself. Here's a plate of Swiss patriotism: hard-boiled eggs dyed red and decorated with a white cross shaped sticker, and an erste August Weggli shaped like an Edelweiss flower, sporting a tiny flag. (The edelweiss is, of course, the national flower of Switzerland.) A Weggli is basically a sort of butter roll dough formed into various shapes; each holiday in Switzerland has its own specially shaped Weggli. I think this Edelweiss Weggli is just adorable, don't you?

Happy 1. August!

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