Three years of Just Hungry

Three years ago, I decided on a whim to branch off a bit from my main blog, which was mostly about web development and other matters, and start a blog about food, just food - and Just Hungry was born. On November 29, 2003, I posted my first entry. 450 or so entries later it's still here! It's now become a much more visited site than I ever imagined, and I am constantly amazed and surprised at how many people take the time to write me great emails or leave comments.

To everyone who has supported and encouraged this site in the past three years, I'd just like to say - thank you! Writing for this site has made me look at food, and travel, and life in such different ways. It's also been the catalyst for meeting so many great people, and going to great places. I just hope that I can continue having more hungry adventures and sharing them here.


It's also quite ironic that 3 years ago, I took an M.F.K. Fisher essay as the inspiration for the title of this site, and today I'm sitting here in one of her favorite places, Aix-en-Provence, enjoying a fall interlude in this beautiful city. I can see Cezanne's Mont St. Victoire from my window as I type this, there's a cool but soft breeze coming in, and waiting for me on the table is a pot of tea and a pastry from Béchard, which is just a block away. I wish you were all here to have one with me!

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Three years of Just Hungry

I suppose, reading this post, we are all with you in a sense. Congrats on the longevity and wishes for the continued success of IWJRH!

Sean | 1 December, 2006 - 02:45

Three years of Just Hungry

Wow. I didn't realize that you had started your food blog after I had jumped into the blog world.

I continue to enjoy your posts, and look forward to reading many more. Congratulations and best wishes to you! Eat a fruit tart for me. ;)

yoko | 1 December, 2006 - 05:23

Three years of Just Hungry

You do great stuff here, maki- I always look forward to your posts!

s'kat | 1 December, 2006 - 18:41

Three years of Just Hungry

I just wrote a post about blogging as well. It is an amazing medium that constantly surprises me. Congratulations.

Linda | 1 December, 2006 - 20:29

Three years of Just Hungry

おめでとう! (^^)

pinkeye | 2 December, 2006 - 16:02

Three years of Just Hungry

Maki, you were my first blog--I found you on a search engine search for miso soup. (I still use your recipe and it is still wonderful).

Happy blogiversary!

Ellen | 2 December, 2006 - 20:53

Three years of Just Hungry

Thank you so much everyone for your kind comments, and I hope you will continue to enjoy reading just hungry! :)

maki | 3 December, 2006 - 16:49

Three years of Just Hungry

Three years -- congratulations! A wonderful achievement.

Lydia | 4 December, 2006 - 05:49

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