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Euro-blogging by post package contents

Euro Blogging By Post is a wonderful event conceived by Johanna of The Passionate Cook, where food bloggers around Europe sent a goodie package in a round-robin manner to another food blogger. My package came from Joanna of Joanna's Food, all the way from beautiful Oxfordshire. I love getting packages in the mail, even if it's an order I placed myself - it's sort of like getting a present. So this package was a wonderful thing to receiveon a busy working day indeed. Here's what it contained:

  • A jar of the delicious chili jam. As you can see, I set out a small dollop of it for the picture, but I couldn't completely capture the sunny red-oranginess of it on a dull January morning. Of course, I polished off the dollop as soon as the photo shoot was done and it was delicious - sweet, just a bit hot, and tasting like summer.
  • A book by Elizabeth David, A Book of Mediterranean Cooking. I shall have to write more in depth about Elizabeth David in another entry - she was one of the preeminent food writers in the UK, and coincidentally there was a biodrama of her life in BBC 2 recently. Anyway, I do own a couple of her books but I didn't have this one so it's a most welcome addition to my collection. (the 101th cookcook maybe? I'll have to check!) As Joanna wrote on the note she included:
...I find the most comforting thing of all in winter, to curl up by the fire reading a recipe book, especially one which promises sunshine!

I can't agree more!

Last but certainly not least, she included two family recipes, one for Buzz's German Biscuits (Buzz is her grandmother), and another for Dense Chocolate Cake. I will be trying these and reporting back here of course!

Thank you to Joanna, who sent me this lovely parcel, and Johanna for organizing the event! (Also my apologies for writing it up so late - it actually arrived on Tuesday. It has been a crazy week..)

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Hi Maki, I'm really glad you liked the parcel, and that you haven't got that particular Elizabeth David book. I just wanted to say - especially in view of your other post today - that the recipe for dense chocolate cake is one of Nigella's, not sure which book but can check for you if you'd like. I can't claim it as a family recipe, except that I now make it routinely for family celebrations such as birthdays.

The BBC2 film about Elizabeth David was good fun, and pretty faithful to the biography of her I read last year (there are two, one authorised, one not). But not much sense of her being a cook.

Best wishes,

Joanna I think I have most of Nigella's books (and I'm guessing the cake is in Domestic Goddess) - the fact it's part of your family's celebrations makes it quite 'family recipe' in many ways I think!

Yes that docu-drama seemed to dwell a bit too much on the sexy details of her life, though the occasional food shots were mouth-watering.

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