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I find it interesting that in Chinese restaurants children are not whiney, crying or unruly. I am convinced it has something to do with the cultural differences vis a vis children.

WRT blogging, my observations (from my child-free perspective) is that it seems impossible to me that one could carve out space (physically and mentally) to do this job or others with the overwhelming urgency of needs that come with parenting.

Then there are those for whom this forum is their connection to the outside/adult world.

Have you read Dooce?

- Jacqueline

Hi Jacqueline. Yes I've read Dooce...though I don't read her regularly. She is very funny and a good writer, but I guess I'm not so into the stuff about poop and dogs. :)

I know there are many mothers that have food blogs...but somehow the most well-known food bloggers seem to be childless. Or maybe it's that most of the blogs I read are childless...not sure.

Re: Chinese restaurants - that's very true, I've rarely seen a screaming child or a child running rampant around the place in a Chinese restaurant. (oh the other hand in Japan, some parents do let their kids run rampant...)

I think though that taking children to restaurants from a relatively early age is not a bad thing at all. My parents used to take us out with them all the time, and we learned how to behave ourselves, and all grew up to be foodies. That can't be bad!

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