I'm moving! I'm moving! But where to go?

I just thought I'd give an update as to what's up with me these days. I've talked about this a bit here and there, but the house that was on sale since sometime mid-last year finally sold a few weeks ago, and I am formally moving out of the house I have inhabited off and on, mostly on, for about 10 years on the 26th. (This is why there hasn't really been a lot of serious cooking around here lately.)

Now, I do not know yet where I am going to be moving. You might think this is a bit nuts, but I am in a very fortunate situation in that at this point the nature of my work, most of which can be done via online communication, allows me to live almost anywhere there is a high speed internet connection. So I do not have to stay in the Zürich area, or even in Switzerland. This freedom of choice has me in a mild state of panic and a deep state of confusion though. Where do I go? Where do I go? I keep on flipping through real estate ads in wildly different areas of the world, figuring out what is affordable. Invariably, I'm thinking like a food-obsessed person though.

Where in the world (where I have the right to live, or could easily get a working visa) should I go that will make my tastebuds happy and the cook inside me satisfied?

Anyway, let's pretend that there are no tiresome restrictions like visas and such. If eating well were the only criteria, where in the world would you move to?

Of course in reality, I do have to consider things like visas, bureaucracy, stability of governments, availability of affordable healthcare and such, not to mention a pretty tight budget for the move. But for the moment I'm just letting my imagination run free here. In March I'm off to a particular favorite corner of the world to see if living there is realistic...

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