Graziella soup?

I have been in search of the recipe for a soup that is sold by Knorr in dried soup form as Graziella. I've never seen this outside of Switzerland, though to be honest I haven't spent much time looking at dried soup packets when I travel! Basically it's a vegetable soup, with little bits of carrot and other unidentifiable dessicated vegetable-like bits in it, and it's thickened with what I think is semolina. The thickening makes the soup hearty, yet still light enough to eat for lunch on warm days. The name makes me think it's of Italian origin, but it could just be a marketing gimmick too.

If anyone can point me to a recipe for such a soup, I'd really appreciate it!

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Did you try their web site?

If you click here, you'll fin Graziela soup about two thirds of the way down.

If you click on the link, you'll get a pop-up containing "Avez-vous des questions à propos de ce produit?" link. Click it and ask them th ingredients. You never know ;-)


Ok, here's the link:


i don't know if this is what youre talking about..

mm.. knorr makes some good dried soups..

Marc, thanks for the link. I'm not sure how to phrase the question to Knorr... "how would I make that soup as a homemade version".. hehe.

Helen, that stew sounds delicious but different. The Knorr soup doesn't have any meat in it - it's all vegetable, as far as I can tell.

The search continues!

from the name alone, i'm guessing it's knorr's vegetarian version of a german soup,
groß suppe (gross suppe=gross soup=graz sup=graziella? sounds better). it's made by boiling semolina in broth/stock or a combination of stock and milk; an egg is beaten in and it is seasoned with salt, pepper, and mace just before serving.

hope that helps!