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Ginger pork and pickled vegetables My latest and first Japan Times articles are both about the same thing, sort of japan times, summer
Wavy sesame cucumbers Sexy Wavy Japanese Sesame Cucumbers cucumber, japanese, low-carb, side dish, summer, vegetables, vegetarian
Banana cupcakes Katsura Morimura's Banana Cake bananas, cake, cupcakes, dessert, personal, sweet
IMG: Chilled grilled eggplant soup Chilled grilled eggplant soup for a hot summer's day chilled, eggplant, japanese, soup, summer
IMG: Cherry clafoutis with beurre noisette Cherry clafoutis with browned butter desserts, french, fruit, gluten-free, summer, sweet
tokoroten Kanten vs. agar plus tokoroten in the Japan Times, plus a sweet version dessert, japan, japanese, japantimes, washoku
A matter of (chicken) perspective, plus my method for roasting a chicken budgeting, chicken, essays
caramelized apples Kinou Nani Tabeta? A manga about food and life, plus: Caramel Stewed Apples books and media, japan, manga
Yuzu-cha (yuzu tea) Washoku, Japanese citrus and yuzu-cha (yuzu 'tea') citrus, japan times, japanese, washoku, winter, writing elsewhere
IMG: Chicken karaage - gfree Pepper-Lemon Chicken Karaage: gluten and soy-free bento, chicken, chuuka, favorites, gluten-free, japanese, soy-free, variation, washoku
Baked Kuri Kabocha Squash and Apple Maple Pudding (and it's vegan too) dessert, fall, squash, sweet, thanksgiving, tofu, vegan
A Proper Swiss Cheese Fondue cheese, favorites, party food, swiss, winter
Small Stuffed Peppers With A Tiny Bite beef, bento, meat, summer
IMG: Goya champuru Goya Chanpuru or Champuru - Okinawan Stir Fry With Bitter Gourd eggs, japanese, okinawa, pork, summer, tofu
Fresh shiso leaf tea herbs, japanese, tea
Red, White and Blue Dessert dessert, fruit, party food, summer, weekend project
IMG: peach pasta with basil Pasta With Peaches and Basil appetizers, fruit, pasta, summer, vegan, vegetarian
Japanese-style cucumber salad with a very versatile sesame dressing japanese, salad, summer, vegan, vegetarian
Mugicha (barley tea) is the flavor of summer in Japan drink, japanese, lighter, summer, tea
Japanese Cooking 101, Lesson 6: Putting It All Together japanese, japanese culture, japanesecooking101, washoku
Japanese Cooking 101, Lesson 5 extra: Fish bone crackers (hone-senbei) with shoestring potatoes appetizers, fish, japanese, japanesecooking101, washoku
Japanese Cooking 101, Lesson 5 extra: Iwashi no Tsumire-jiru (イワシのつみれ汁) - Sardine balls in clear soup fish, japanese, japanesecooking101, soup, washoku
Japanese Cooking 101, Lesson 5 - Fish, Part 3: How to break down small fish basics, fish, japanesecooking101, washoku
Japanese Cooking 101, Lesson 5 - Fish, Part 2: Fish buying tips, plus how to "open" a fish fish, how-to, knife skills, washoku
Japanese Cooking 101, Lesson 5 - Fish, Part 1: Salmon Teriyaki fish, japanese, japanesecooking101, washoku
Japanese Cooking 101, Lesson 4, Part 2: Prepping Vegetables For Sunomono japanese, japanesecooking101, vegan, vegetables, vegetarian, washoku
Japanese Cooking 101, Lesson 4, Part 1 : Awase-zu (Vinegar Sauces) For Sunomono japanesecooking101, preserves and pickles, vegetables, washoku
Japanese Cooking 101, Lesson 3 extra: Nimono without dashi fish, japanese, japanesecooking101, nimono, squid, washoku
Easter brunch bunny bao (steamed buns) bread, breakfast, bunny, chinese, easter, holidays, party food, steamed
Japanese Cooking 101, Lesson 3: Nimono (simmered dish) basics basics, japanese, japanesecooking101, vegetables, washoku
Japanese Cooking 101, Lesson 2 Bonus: Sushi Rice (Shari) plus Smoked Salmon and Cucumber Chirashizushi japan, japanese, japanesecooking101, rice, sushi, washoku
How properly cooked Japanese rice should look Japanese Cooking 101, Lesson 2: Prep and Cook A Great Bowl of Japanese Rice basics, japanesecooking101, rice, washoku
Japanese Cooking 101, Lesson 1-Addendum: Making Miso Soup and Clear Soup with Dashi japanesecooking101, miso, soup, washoku
Japanese Cooking 101, Lesson 1: How to make dashi stock, the foundation of Japanese cooking basics, japanese, japanesecooking101, washoku
Much too easy fruity low-sugar frozen yogurt breakfast, dessert, diabetes, low-carb
Hooray for Fermentation, plus Hummus with Miso gluten-free, health and weight loss, vegan, vegetarian
Recipe for Dorayaki, Doraemon's favorite snack anime, japan, japanese, japanese culture, manga, snacks, sweet, wagashi
Galettes Bretonnes, golden butter cookies from Brittany baking, bretagne, christmas, cookies, french, holidays
Shusse-uo (fish that get promoted) plus yellowtail teriyaki fish, ingredients, japan, japanese, washoku
Takoyaki, the great street snack that's fun to make at home japanese, party food
Mochi and New Year's article in the Japan Times, plus a very rich buttery mochi dish holidays, japan times, japanese, mochi, new year, writing elsewhere
A recipe for katsudon, plus tonkatsu and pork in The Japan Times japan times, japanese, meat, pork, writing elsewhere, yoshoku
IMG: Harumaki, Japanese style spring rolls Spring rolls (harumaki), Japanese style appetizers, chinese, chuuka, favorite, japanese, snacks
IMG: Nanban glazed onions Nanban sauce glazed onions favorites, japanese, vegan, vegetarian
IMG: umeboshi Homemade Umeboshi (Japanese salt-preserved plums) fruit, japanese, mom's recipes, preserves and pickles, tsukemono
Takenoko Miso Potage: Creamy Bamboo Shoot Soup With Miso gluten-free, japanese, soup, spring, vegetarian, yohshoku
Chicken Karaage: Japanese Fried Chicken chicken, chuuka, favorites, japanese, washoku
Japanese basics: Nanban sauce or vinegar (Nanbansu) basics, japanese, sauce, washoku, yohshoku
How to cook perfect rice - in a frying pan basics, how-to, japanese, rice, washoku
Not-so-sweet Tsubu-an: Japanese Azuki Bean Paste (revised and updated) beans, dessert, japanese, legumes, vegan, wagashi