Just Hungry reference handbooks

Welcome to the Just Hungry reference section! Here is where we store various kinds of information in "handbooks" that we refer back to again and again.

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Hi, I would love to have a handy guide to japanese ingredients. With pictures? I know it would be a lot of work...

I love your blog! I spend too much time browsing through it!

I can't find any recipes on how to make senbei like I see in vendor shops in Japan. Will you be doing any rice cracker segments?

Loved your umeboshi recipe w/ all the detailed information. I just found your blog by accident while looking for what to do w/ all the extra shiso leaves that I grew this year so they wouldn't go to waste. Your blog brought me back to my childhood growing up in Tokyo and what grandma used to cook.

Thank you!

Yea, I agree with anon. it would be great if you put up a list like that.
Arigato maki-sama I have utmost respect for you!!! :P

You are doing a great job of making list of stores that have Japanese groceries.It will make easy for the consumers to get the products fast without wandering here and there.

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Hey Can you give more info about various RAMENS and the process of making it.Just love Japanese food and a great fan Japanese culture.
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