The expanding crêpe waistline


Ever since my last posting about crêpes, I have been sadly overindulging on the round, flat buttery goodness of them. My downfall was when I found a frozen stack of them tucked away in the corner of the freezer. Crêpes do freeze well (heavily wrapped to protect them against the dreaded effects of frostbite) and heat up nicely in a dry pan or, if you are in a hurry, the microwave.

My favorite way to eat a crêpe or three is to simply sprinkle them with sugar and lemon juice, roll them up and pop into the mouth. This is the way that Professor Branestawm at the pancakes produced by his incredible pancake machine; I'm not positive but I think 'pancakes' are the same as crêpes in England (and American style thick fluffy pancakes are flapjacks? Maybe someone from the UK can enlighten me...) The pancake machine was one of my favorite Professor Branwstawm inventions - that the the liquid that turns photographs real. The thought of a machine that can shoot out pancakes is still as wildly exciting to me as it was to my 8 year old self, when I first encountered the Professor. Anyway, sugar and lemon really brings out the butteriness of the crêpe. It's very addictive so if you are on a diet, especially a low-carb one, definitely do not make any crêpes.

On the other hand... has a great sale right now on the Calphalon non-stick crepe pan. So....(yes, I've ordered one, to be delivered for later pick-up to my sister's house...)

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When I was growing up that was the only way a eat pancakes, lemon juice and sugar, I need to start doing that again.