Using to track online recipes

If you're not familiar with, it's a great, very easy way to keep track of bookmarks regardless of your location, and to share them with other people. I've been using to keep track of mostly geeky bookmarks (as in my working life I am a geek), but it just came to me that it's a great way to keep track of recipes too.

I try a lot of recipes that I've found online, but I often either forget to bookmark them, or if I do remember to bookmark them I don't remember if the recipe turned out well or not. And I don't really want to blog about each and every recipe. Bookmarking with allows me to add a short comment as to how well it went etc. so the next time I'm looking for that "lamb-tomato-curry that was on BBC2 Saturday Kitchen that wasn't called curry" I can just go to my recipes tag page and there it is. I've just started doing this but it's already working out very well. If you have trouble keeping track of online recipes too, give a try. (If enough people kept bookmarks tagged "recipes", it could be quite fun.)

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