Do you care what "celebrities" cook?

I am still buried in work and I haven't surfaced yet. But anyway! It seems that there is yet another cooking show starting tonight in the U.S. on NBC, called Celebrity Cooking Showdown. It features your usual array of D-list "celebrities", working with some of your usual gang of Chefs That Like To Appear On TV.

I ask the question you care at to see "celebrities" cooking? Do you care if they can even cook or not? I don't, in the slightest.


p>So, I don't really get the point of this program. It smells bad to me, both as a food person and a reality TV fan. So it beats me what audience this is supposed to be targeting.



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I too boycotted that show tonight. Not really sure why, but like you, just didn't see the point.

I think I'm not interested simply because these kinds of shows are becoming boring and repetetive. Have you seen "Wickedly Serious" (think that's the name)? Yet another panel of judges making scathing remarks. They all seem to be a spin on "America's Next Top Model" (which now exists in too many countries). Easy way for TV companies to come up with programs - just copy one!

I don't know Wickedly Serious. I do actually sort of enjoy the Top Model franchise shows, of what I have seen (Germany and some of America). I do like shows where the participants are challenged to do something other than scheme and I like Project Runway, Top Chef, and Amazing Race, and to some extent Top Model.

My friend who watched the Celebrity show said she turned it off after 15 minutes...she said it was like pro wrestling with food, or something. Not quite sure what that means, but it reminded me of Iron Chef USA (the version with William Shatner as the host, not the vastly superior Iron Chef America now on the Food Network.)

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"Dancing With the Stars" was a big hit. I guess other TV people then began thinking of other verbs to substitute for "Dancing." Fox had Skating; NBC now has Cooking.

Dumb idea, but I can see the genesis. I do think that even with the dumb idea, the execution could have been significantly better. Total train wreck, as it is.

roanne: it might be a bit off-topic, but for the TV stations it is always the question "make or buy". Most reality shows are produced by kind of independent producers who sell them to the stations. Now, if a station/channel "copies" such a show, it usually means that they licence it from the producers, or have it even produced. Of course, in most cases, buying is cheaper (and definitely less risky) than making... and in today's shareholder-value-centric economy, nobody is taking risks anyway...

Thanks for leaving the spam in - personally I judge most marketing material initially on correct use of spelling and grammar, so this one failed at the first hurdle.

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I don't care to watch reality shows, but sometimes, I find it interesting to see what celebrities cook. A (very) guilty pleasure of mine is to watch Inside Dish on Food Network (yes, it's a Rachael Ray show), where she talks with various celebrities. The more interesting episodes involve those who cook a meal at home-- the episodes with Mariel Hemingway, Ming-Na, and Cheech Marin were the most memorable for me. What each of them made was nothing fancy-- just simple, homemade dishes.