Other food blogs: We Must Eat, The Old Foodie

Since I barely have time at the moment to write properly here at the moment, here are two newish food blogs that I have been happy to discover, for your reading enjoyment:

We Must Eat is a 4 months old blog by Motoko in L.A. Motoko-san is a Japanese-American who used to live in Europe for a while and whose husband is European (French). She also loves M.F.K. Fisher. Hmm...is she my long-lost cousin? :) She writes with an elegant style which is very appealing.

The Old Foodie "gives you 400 words each weekday on a food history topic related to the day, with a historic recipe, and sometimes a menu." I love food history and "retro" cooking, so this is a really fun site. The Old Foodie hails from Brisbane, Australia. (I studied Medieval history in college, and one of my essays was how food and the body was perceived in that age...unfortunately I did not become a Medieval Food Historian.)

While I am at it...whenever I can come up for air, I plan to update my food blogroll, which I haven't done properly for more than 2 years. If you know of any newish and/or not-so-well known blogs that I should look at, please let me know in a comment here. (Please don't email me though...that email is very likely to get lost. And please try to recommend ones other than your own.) Hint: I like blogs with great writing first and foremost: good recipes and photos are a plus of course!

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I'm absolutely thrilled to receive a mention from you Maki! It's true that I often feel that we are soul cousins, if not quite sisters. I know it's confusing because I don't include a lot of bio but I'm actually 100% Japanese and married to a Franco-American. Thanks again for your encouraging words and I'm looking forward to your blogroll update!

Hello Maki
A site well worth checking out for anyone interested in pastry things, is Joe Pastry at http://www.joepastry.com/
He is planning a re-design of the site in a few weeks, but the info is great - some recent posts on tempering chocolate etc.

i love this: http://inmolaraan.blogspot.com/
its a kosher food site. very practical but also good fun and slightly over the top

I just found your blog, and enjoy it. I hope you'll check out mine, too. http://leatherdistrictgourmet.blogspot.com. I have a less snarky gourmet food page on suite101 too. Wrote recently about Shabu-Shabu.

What the hell is shabu-shabu? :)

By far my favorite blog on the web! Updated daily with great innovative ideas from a couple in colorado. Absolutly amazing I cant wait till they open their own place on the east coast!

I've been digging The Food Museum Blog and I've been doing a blog on my site as well. The Old Foodie is great! chefjp