Cool stuff from Japan: Soy milk that's an instant tofu 'kit'

During my stay in Japan, I thought I'd feature some cool stuff (or things that you all may find cool) that I've seen. Here is a bottle of soy milk or tounyuu (豆乳) that I got at a shop in the local Tokyuu line train station (or in other words, it's not like a special brand or anything).

Soy milk bottle with nigari packet

It's just plain soy milk, but it's sold with a little packet of nigari (magnesium chloride), a tofu coagulant, and instructions for making tofu in the microwave. Freshly made tofu is soft and delicious, and this little kit makes it so easy to do. Compare this to making soy milk from scratch, which is a long and messy process.

Here's a closeup of the nigari packet. There's enough to make two batches of tofu:

Closeup of nigari packet

I wish they'd do that with soy milk sold elsewhere!

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Wish they had that where I live! LOL!
Never gonna happen.... >.<

No Way! That's such a good idea, I seriously wish a US manufacturer would try it out. It's impossible for me to just find nigari at all, so this concept is like a dream come true!

where can you buy this? Is it available to buy online by any chance??

I love how Japan comes up with those little cute food products. Haven't seen this around here yet.

You can buy a little kit at the asian market near my house in Tampa, Fl. and then just add soy milk and heat. The kit costs maybe $1 or $2 USD and makes two batches. The kit is in a red box I think with a block of tofu on the front. It's quick and in just a few minutes you're eating home made tofu!

Oh my gosh, that's so cool. I wonder--if I'm lucky enough to find it at Mitsuwa or Nijiya, will I be able to read the directions? Heh.

-- (for English learners) (for teachers)

i really like this idea! but how does it work exactly? is it done after you take it out of the microwave? do you have to press water out of the tofu block afterwards? please tell us how it turned out :-)

i wonder if you could make tofu with the soy milk they sell in stores here. might be possible if it's not ultra heat treated.

to hannah: if you can't find nigari, try asking vor magnesium chloride at a pharmacy. i made tofu with magnesium chloride in powder form, it went well. they sell it as a constipation drug at the pharmacy, so be careful with the dosage haha.

OKay, so while you're gone your blog is going to make me 1) seriously hungry and 2) seriously miss Japan.


I hope you have a good time and your mother recovers quickly!

I live in Japan and never thought they would have something like this at the train Station. It's so cool! Every time I go out I get surprised with something new and dynamic. I will definitely look for this and try it.


this is so cool! i've followed your bento site for ages and now FINALLY clicked through to here. i can see i'll be digging in - and want to make a trip to japan soon! thanks!

Oh, that's neat. I wonder how hard it is to get ahold of Nigari. I've recently moved, and the grocery that sells tofu is a little bit more expensive than the place I used to get it from, so if I can buy some soy milk + Nigari and make my own, I think it'd be cheaper, maybe?

Anyhow it'd be interesting to play around with those flavored soy milks, too.

chocolate tofu, anyone? :D

Very cool!
However, I would caution those who live outside Asian markets to look carefully at any soy milk that they purchase for making tofu. I have found that most soy milks sold in mainstream Western markets to be a combination of multiple ingredients, not the standard soybean/water soy milks that are found in Asian markets. The multiple ingredient soy milks may not be suitable for making tofu.