Cute yet modern Swiss Easter bunny bread

easterbunnybread1.sidebar.jpgSwiss people love cutely formed bread, just as much if not more than Japanese people. Behold, this masterpiece of adorable yet modern design, in the form of an Easter Bunny bread. (click on the image from the web page to see it larger).

The almond slices scattered on top were a bit misleading. I was rather anticipating some kind of sugar-almondy filling, but it was just slightly sweetened white bread all the way through. Perhaps the cuteness is enough sugariness for one small bread.

For more Swiss Easter Bunny goodness, read about the chocolate Easter Bunny making class I took last year.

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Where on the web can I buy this for mailing as a gift?

check out
they are selling it arround easter.

Love this! If you wish, come check out my all-inclusive bunny-eating post that includes this item.

This is absolutely adorable! You're right. Based on looks alone, one would think this would be sweet.