Fuji Television has formally cancelled the new Iron Chef

Just a short, sad update: as I reported earlier, the excellent revival of the legendary Iron Chef (Ryouri no tetsujin) program has been a flop, with very low ratings (as low as 5% of the viewing total in its time slot). On March 1st, Fuji Television formally announced that it will cease airing as of the end of March. (Source: various Japanese news sources, e.g. <a href="http://www.j-cast.com/2013/03/01167764.html"">here)

I really liked the new Iron Chef, so I'm so sad about this. Oh well.

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what sad news! when the original iron chef series began airing here in the states (with subtitles and overlaid dubbing), it fascinated, inspired and motivated many people - be they professional chefs or home cooks - to expand their kitchen horizons and raise the bar for themselves to dare to be creative. it also made people aware of the level of culinary sophistication that exists in japan - and displayed how japanese ingredients could be transformed into dishes that rival the caliber of french haute cuisine. the show served as a template for many successful american cooking shows as well. i guess with the availability of so many cooking programmes (japanese and others) on the internet by professional and home cooks, it has cut into the actual television viewership.

"Whose cuisine reigns supreme?".... is no more? :-( from Canada

I'm really sorry to hear this. Thanks for letting us know.

When they announced the cancellation they also mentioned they might do more specials. Also, on the preview video on youtube for the March 22 episode, at the end, it mentions "Final match, then new stage".

sucks, i didn't even get to see it.. .once :( I WANT IRON CHEF... can we petition or somethign?

It's too late I'm afraid - the last episode aired on March 22nd. There may or may not be some specials down the line.

Somebody Please upload the few episodes of New Iron Chef up on youtube!!!