Happy August 1st!

A Happy August 1st to everyone in Switzerland! Judging from what was on sale at Migros yesterday you all will be waving Swiss flags and gorging on wurst, wurst, grilled steaks and wurst. Not the worst way to spend a day :)

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Are the red-dyed eggs with white cross a traditional snack for Swiss day?

Actually, holiday-themed dyed boiled eggs are available year-round...for 1st August it's red with the white cross, Easter it's pastel colors, etc...they are called 'picnik-eier' (picnic eggs).

I was wondering, what holiday is it on August 1st there? (those eggs are beautiful by the way)

XD August 1st is my birthday!

August 1st is Swiss National Day, when according to legend the foundation of the nation of Switzerland was formed, in 1291, with a pact. Some more info about it here (the legend story is in the sidebar). It's the biggest non-religious holiday of the year in Switzerland.