Just to get you in a holiday mood...

Sweet Christmas ornaments

Some spun-sugar candy Christmas ornaments being sold at the Christmas market in Zürich.

Have a great weekend! I'll be off exploring more Christmas markets over the weekend.

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I would have thought spun-sugar ornaments would look like cotton or clouds, instead of like glass, like hard candy. Maybe it's a language difference.

Hmm, I thought I read somewhere sometime that the transparent, glassy candy was called spun sugar. (The cotton kind is cotton candy in the US and candy floss in the UK I think) Anyway, it's that transparent candy!

Those are made of sugar? They look like stained glass - so beautiful! And the colors are great!

Hope you're enjoying the weekend tour of Christmas markets. I was at Zurich's train station, and the market there is fantastic - just enormous. The 50 foot Swarovski tree is certainly a highlight - gorgeous and mind blowing how many crystals are on it! (the crepes were another highlight :)

I agree, that Swarovski tree is just amazing. I bet they are doing a booming business in those crystal ornaments at the stall right there.

Looks more like the "stained glass candy" for which many recipes are online, e.g.:


The only time I ever saw any was as stained-glass windows in a big gingerbread house. Tea candle inside. Looked very nice.

Mainland European Christmas always looks much more magical than British Christmas.

We used to decorate our houses during Christmas days with several Christmas ornaments! I liked the spun-sugar candy Christmas ornaments and interested to purchase some! Is it available online? If yes, mention the online web store details in the future posts!
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