Roar! The Hungry Tiger is back!

Back in 2003-2004, when Just Hungry was born, there were only a couple of hundred food blogs instead of the thousands that are in existence now. Of those, a well written, quiet little blog with lots of delicious sounding vegetarian recipes called The Hungry Tiger was one of my favorites. I wrote a short review of it back in March 2004.

The Hungry Tiger disappeared from public view for a while, and I lamented the fact that my favorite recipes such as vegetarian kibbe (lentil snacks) were gone from the web. Some months ago, I was able to get in touch with Ms. redfox, who kindly gave me password access to her blog. She'd locked it away since it was too close to her more serious academic career.

Well the good news is, The Hungry Tiger is back as a fully public blog, in a new home! Ms. redfox has organized her past recipes into easy to navigate categories. I have more favorites here than on any other food blog, such as preserved lemons, crispy onions, easy, copious cauliflower soup and of course, lentil snacks. Even if you're not a vegetarian, you'll find The Hungry Tiger to be a very delicious beast indeed.

(Sitenote: Most of the entries on The Hungry Tiger are refreshingly 'old school' with lots of text and no photos. It reminded me of the early days of food blogs, which happens to be just 5-7 years ago, when people just wrote up their recipes and food reminiscences. Nowadays of course, possessing a good camera and the ability to take beautiful bokeh food porn photos seems de rigueur, making the bar for entry high. But the older entries on The Hungry Tiger are a good reminder that it doesn't have to be like that to make for great reading.)

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Help! I keep trying to follow your link to the Hungry Tiger, but without success; it seems to be broken. Is it my crazy in-China Internet connection, or is the link not working?

The links work fine for me Weaselle. Could it be that Typepad is blocked in China? If so that's pretty bad :(

I remember The Hungry Tiger too! I started food blogging in April of 2003 and you're right, the style has changed quite a bit!