Reading in brief: Mindless Eating, plus Black Dresses

Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think (book site) is a scholary yet very entertaining look at why we eat the way we do. I've already incorporated a few ideas from the Mindless Eating book into my plan, such as using smaller plates and cutting down on desktop dining, a major problem for me. We'll see how it works...

Coincidentally, there's a new book discussed on Frank Bruni of the New York Times' blog, called The Skinny: How To Fit Into Your Little Black Dress Forever (the book web site.) The main thrust of the book sounds remarkably similar to the subject matter of Mindless Eating, but it's wrapped up in girly pink with retro-pop illustrations. (See the comments on Frank Bruni's blog also about the whole subject of leaving food on your plate...I sort of agree with both sides.) I personally prefer the Mindless Eating type of book, but if girly appeals to you this book may be more suitable.

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