New poll: Rising food prices and you

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The news is quite disturbing these days. Soaring food prices, food riots in Haiti, rice hoarding by some exporters of rice. Do you worry about rising food prices?

We eat a lot of rice at our house as you might expect, so news like rice prices hitting an all-time high today are a bit disturbing. We've already seen bread getting more expensive.

Still, I'm not getting overly worked up about it, because I know that we can afford rice even if it doubled in prices, and the same for bread or butter or whatever else is affected. It may make us adjust our eating patterns a bit though. If things get really out of hand, I may implement one or more of the following:

  • buy less processed foods (though we don't buy much anyway)
  • eat out less (ditto)
  • eat less meat and fish, eat more vegetable proteins
  • watch out more for sales at the supermarkets
  • buy less snacks (especially the bane of my existence, milk chocolate)
  • deal better with leftovers!
  • reduce amounts (our waistlines could use it anyway...)
  • economize elsewhere

Being a household of two working adults / no kids though, I know that we have it way easy, and chances are we won't have to economize that much.

What about you? Are you concerned about food prices? Do you plan to do anything? Take the new poll....

(Related: Slate has an article today about how, despite rising food prices all over the world, a "happy hedonism still dominates the food media". This is pretty true. I think this is because the Food section of most major papers is lumped into the Style category, together with fashion, interior design, travel and so on. Most articles in mainstream media outlets about food are about dining out at restaurants, exotic and (more often than not) expensive ingredients, and the like.

The writer is rather mixing up her apples and oranges though.
On the one hand she focuses on how newspapers focus on the luxury end of the food market, but brings up several books from the past about frugal and budget eating. Those still exist, and magazines (especially those aimed at women) often feature money-saving tips.

Be that as it may, I have a feeling that people who like to read about food are divided into two camps: those who like the fantasy and luxury aspects of it (fantastic high end restaurants, exotic and rare ingredients, travel to far-flung places to taste 'authentic' fare) and those who want to know how to cook new things, improve their skills or their health, and so on. (There are also a lot of people who just like to collect recipes, rather like hoarding baseball trading cards, whether they actually use them or not.) Major newspapers mainly cater to the first type of people I think, with a nod to the second type. And, the first type of people are the ones that the advertisers love, a fact that the author of the Slate article does bring up. Food blogs also cater to one or the other camp mostly. I think Just Hungry and Just Bento cater mostly to group no. 2, with occasional forays into no. 1. That is mainly a reflection of my/our interests.

Wow that was a long digression!)

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