The pickled leeks of human kindness

I've been following a certain story in the UK with interest. A rich old lady died recently there, and in her will, she left her £10 million estate to the owners of her favorite Chinese restaurant. The family (actually her nieces and nephews) contested the will, as you might expect. On Friday, the High Court upheld the will.

Quoting from the article:

Mr and Mrs Man, of Great Leighs, Chelmsford, Essex, the owners of the Lian restaurant in Witham, Essex, had been friends of Mrs Bechal and her late husband, Simon, for many years.

The judge accepted their evidence that Mrs Bechal, who was sad and lonely after the death of her husband and the death of her son Peter at 28, became almost part of their family. They went on foreign holidays with her and there were regular get-togethers at their restaurant and at her flat in Mayfair.

Recalling his friendship with Mrs Bechal, Mr Man said she was "an upper-class posh lady" who always dressed well. But she "always enjoyed her Chinese pickled leeks and bean sprouts, which I bought for her".

I can well imagine that this friendship grew from the lady's visits to the restaurant. It goes to show that as much as food can nourish the body, human kindness can nourish the soul.

(And yes, I'm inserting another poke at you all to share some human kindness of your own, and donate to Menu For Hope!)

I hope the Mans enjoy every penny of their inheritance. They deserve it.

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