Top Chef Season 2, Episode 13: Finale

I don't have much to say about the finale of Top Chef. Just this:


Didn't all the comments and all the edits in the show lead you to believe that Marcel was a shoo-in? Didn't the guest judges seem to prefer Marcel's dishes much more than Ilan's? The only knocks against Marcel was the usual thing of his sous-chefs Mike and (to a lesser extent) Sam not respecting him much and all the usual "Marcel can't get along with other chefs" bla bla that we have been hearing and seeing all season; plus the fact that he misplaced his fish and messed up some sort of fancy droplet thing. The judges still loved his food and thought it was innovative, light, and all of that. They seemed to like, not love, Ilan's food, no?

But Ilan still wins! Especially after last week's thing about 'this is a show about the food not how the chef is in the kitchen' I just don't get it. I felt really bad for Marcel. His food looked miles better.

A very confusing and unsatisfying end to a confusing and unsatisfying season. I will need a very long break before I can even think about getting enthusiastic about this show again, if ever.

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