Menu For Hope III: Last day, last chance

Just a short reminder: Menu For Hope III bidding ends at 6 PM PST, which translates to 3 AM tomorrow morning (the 23rd) for those of us in the CET, midnight EST, 2 AM in Britain, 4 AM in Eastern Europe, etc. More than $46,000 has been raised already for the World Food Programme - sure to go over $50,000 don't you think? Bid on my Food Hamper (fortified with even more nutritious and restorative Swiss chocolate, of course), or any of the other fabulous prizes offered by food bloggers in Europe and around the world. If you fancy a box of goodies, edible and otherwise, arriving at your door, consult this terrific list put together by Kat of Kungfoodie of prizes that can be shipped around the world (the list includes, of course, The Hamper).

Good luck everyone, and thank you for donating to such a worthy cause!

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