April will be lighter around here

Incidentally, I plan to do a lot more vegetable-oriented/lighter cooking, so you'll most likely see the results of that on Just Hungry and Just Bento. This means I'm going to give the yohshoku series a rest for awhile (breaded and deep fried hamburgers tend to stick to the waistline and all.) Besides, we're finally starting to see reasonably locally grown vegetables that aren't cabbage or broccoli! This kind of thing over on Just Bento is what I'll be eating more of. I lost a bunch of weight when I couldn't eat after my surgery, but almost all of it has come right back since my appetite returned! Must. Stem. Belly rebound.

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i feel your pain. i had very painfully lost 40lbs...but to gain about 20-30 back! sob sigh...i have no willpower whatsoever. i'll be trying to lose with you! veggies and lighter food, banzai!

ganbatte us! fight-o us!


How did the surgery go?

Eating veggies isn't so bad...especially with the spring peas in season.

Anyways, Strawberries are coming in May.

the surgery (tonsilitis) went fine, thanks! I do/did have to relearn how to swallow, kind of, which is an odd feeling. But my re-increasing waistline says that's working fine. :/