One of these doesn't belong...? (Weekend contest!)


It's been another rather hectic week around here. So I'd like to loosen up a bit by closing the week out with a fun giveaway, just for the heck of it. I'm giving away a $25 gift certificate from our friends over at J-list/JBox, where you can find all kinds of cool, cute, and wacky stuff from Japan. Everyone is eligible to win this, wherever you may live, though you may want to check on their site that they'll ship to your country if you're not sure.

To enter, take a look at the photos below and solve the puzzle...

Mmm, a nice plate of sandwich buns. But wait, one looks a bit funny...?


A plushie hamburger? What?


Underneath the top part of the "bun".

Guess what this plushie hamburger is for and write in your answer in the comments. One of the correct answerers will be drawn at random to win the gift certificate.

This contest is open until 23:59:59 (just before midnight) of Monday, February 21st. Good luck! ^_^

Update: The contest is now closed. The winner is Anali - congratulations Anali!. And by the way, yes it is a screen cleaner. The bottom side of the top bun has a chamois-like cloth for major cleaning, and the burger, lettuce, etc. are made of dusting material. I don't know if J-List carries this by the way - I got this one in Japan - but I'm sure they sell similar stuff! Kudos to all you people who, um, guessed. ^_^;

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I guess it's a fabric wipe to clean the screen of one's computer or cell phone.

It's a pillow for my pet, Polly Wolly Doodle All Day, She's my cat!

Will i ruin it for everyone if i know what it is because i got one in a Christmas gift exchange? You use it to clean your monitor. Its really quite handy!

I would guess coin purse but I don't see a zipper!!

It looks to be made out of microfiber cloth, is it for screen and lens cleaning?

Is it a toy for your your niece and nephew? :-D

It's a doodad to clean computer screens. There are cake versions too!

A CD/DVD case or a key chain holder?

I have seen things like this to be a DVD holder.

I believe it is a cleaning kit/tool for cleaning screens such as a PC/computer screen, LCD screen, to dust off your digital camera/iphone/cell phone or to remove finger prints from your screen or to remove fat or residue from your glasses. Each layer of the hamburger can be removed to dust off or cleanse a surface.

The cloth looks like microfiber... Is it for cleaning glasses/CDs/phones/computer screens?

I would also guess LCD screen cleaner. That is too cute!

It's for cleaning your monitor! Although you could also snuggle it.

You clean your monitor with it...although it probably has many uses other than that.

Computer screen cleaner! We used to have one for our TV that was crab-shaped. He came with this special stuff that you sprayed on to clean the TV or computer screen, really quite handy! And cute!

You use it to clean your computer monitor?

Nice "hole" feature! :P I think it is a screen cleaner

Digital device screen wipe or hamburger finger puppet.

For all your delicate electronic-y things. Also good for CD's!!!

Given it's from JBox, I'd say it's a monitor chammy to clean your screen!

I think it's an LCD screen cleaner?

A monitor / electronics gizmo cleaner! I have an elephant that does the same thing :D

It's a hamburger to clean your computer screen!

Screen cleaner, for various screens/CD's. Mine doesn't look this cute though :)

Screen cleaner.

Heee, I've ordered random candy from JList before. Exotic KitKats rule!

Looks like some skill use to camouflage ear muffs, congrats to the photographer!

Ah~ it's used to clean your monitor screen!! mmmm Tasty-looking AND functional! Nothing like working up an appetite while cleaning and then eating a real burger afterward lol

For cleaning the screen of a computer monitor...or for a really low-carb high-fiber diet!

One of my friends 2-year old plays with a set of plush foods. I think it's a toy.

I was going to say for children to make "hamburgers" but everyones screen cleaners and electronic equipment polishers etc. has swayed me! So that's my guess.

I think these are drink coasters, to keep your tabletops from getting wet ring stains.

My initial guess was play food (my kids love the stuff) but others seem rather convinced it's for cleaning a monitor. Knowing my children they'd use it for both. Groan....

I'm going with the computer monitor cleaner - but if I had one, it would regularly be found in the play kitchen! ;)

I would have to say It's a screen cleaner, kinda like the ones that they sell on J-List / J-Box that are in the shape of dogs & sea animals. Or It's a CD / DVD holder / cleaner. But I really think It's the screen cleaner :-)

It is used to clean a computer monitor. You can also get little plush animals that are made for cleaning coputer monitors. kawaii.

I have to agree with many others and say it's a screen cleaner. How cute too!

I'd clean my glasses with the cheese - I am going for screen/monitor cleaner as well

The plush hamburger is a computer cleaner. Each part of it is used separately for cleaning parts of the computer.

Monitor wiper!!!
And the other part can be use as wrist rest for mouse if u want to :)

I also guess that's one of those screen cleaners...

Ooh! It's a screen cleaner burger! I've been wanting to get one of those to keep my screens spotless..

a screeny cleany! it cleans your screens, love those things! so cute ;)

to clean your pc screen I think :0)

It looks like micro cloth. A screen cleaner perhaps? You could probably use it on CDs, too. That's awesome!

It's a pin cushion and thimble holder.

My guess would be a fabric screen cleaner thing for computer monitors!

It's a monitor/screen cleaner! And just the thing I need :)

Ah well, screen cleaner it must be, but my infant would love to use it as a chew toy. A repurposed screen cleaner, then.

The burger is for cleaning your computer screen, the hole in the top bun is for keeping the burger together when it's 'intact' (the layers also have holes in them, so that the entire bun doesn't fall apart when you pick it up).


a screen cleaner? ... it looks like some of the plushie food you've made before, Maki :)

sounds like the screen cleaners have it; I'll gladly guess that if it gets me in the drawing. :)

Maki, thanks for giving me an excuse to finally post a comment here. Your recipes have inspired me and my husband not only to get healthy but have made me love cooking and appreciate good eating! Thank you.

As for the competition, I think it's a cuddly, fingerpuppeted, screen cleaner. =D
Can you imagine wiping your screen with a real beef burger? Eek.

Keep up the good work


LCD screen cleaner :) too cute!!! I may have to find one for myself!!

It's a microfiber cloth to clean a computer screen! I should get one to match my hamburger USB key!

a screen cleaner~

Gotta go with screen cleaner, though I'm also imagining a tea-cozy like thing for those bento sauce minibottles. I suppose that'd take up too much space, though.

For cleaning shiny surfaces like computer monitors, TV screens, iPod screen, etc...

hm.... too small for a cd case.... not enough room for a wallet..... a screen cleaner?

Its a microfiber cleaning cloth for electronic screens! It's sooooo cute! :)

I'm going to guess it's some sort of electronic device/screen cleaner. A friend of mine mentioned seeing something like this while she was living in Japan.

A cleaner for computer screens/cell phone screens/similar screens!

LCD/screen cleaner. Would quickly find its home in our boys play kitchen...

It's used to clean screens and monitors, like computer screens. It's epic ^^

Like everyone else, looks like an LCD or computer screen cleaner/wipe.

Thanks for your blog Maki, you've really inspired me to make some delicious and great dishes! My mum's never cooked any Japanese cuisine before, so for me to try it out is really a treat!

Is it a screen cleaner for a computer or TV? It looks like a bigger version for one I have stuck to my cell phone for cleaning face goo off the touch screen...

It's a computer screen cleaner! Seen one of those before =D

Going by the small indent in the middle of the bun, I'm going to guess some sort of CD/DVD holder. I'm imagining that one CD/DVD can be stored between each layer of the hamburger. Alternatively I'd say it's a set of cloths meant for removing dust from your CDs/DVDs/other similar delicate surfaces.

A screen cleaner! But more importantly...what's in those sandwiches? ;)

A screen cleaner! But more importantly...what's in those sandwiches? ;)

It's a place where you can put your finger when you can't stick it in someone's belly button. Or...

CD holder

My friend has one of these! She totes it around with her DS and is constantly cleaning the screen with it. So cute! I should totally buy one. model? or props to play a prank on someone?

It's an burger LCD cleaner with cleaning cloth on the bun!

They look like the things you hang on your cellphone to wipe the screen, only much bigger! ;D I guess it's something to clean a laptop/computer screen with then ^-^

I believe it is used to clean your computer monitor.

I think it's a computer screen wiper (which you can also use on cameras and stuff), a friend of mine bought something similar. :)

i think it's a screen cleaner? for computer screens and such?

It's a screen cleaner! It also helps desks and tables look random!

It's a Monitor/Screen cleaner!! I think...

I agree! It's definately some kind of cleaning device! :-)

Computer screen cleaner/de-duster!

The white bit under the bun looks like mine :)

This is really cute! I think it's a cell phone/computer screen cleaner :)

I want one of those yummy sandwiches while I iPad my favorite blogs. What a mess! Where is that handy burger to clean this greasy screen?

I think it could be a cell phone holder and/or cleaner.

It's less fun guessing when you're #8billion and have seen everyone else's answers! lol

I was going to say it's a coin purse/wallet. But then I saw someone guess that it's a screen cleaner and that makes much more sense! :D

Yeah, next time I think I am going to hide the answers until everyone's had a chance to guess ^_^; Oh well, there will still be a random drawing!

im going to guess that it is a screen cleaner for a phone or computer.

Haha, so funny! I too think it's used to clean your screen or monitor of oils and dust, like those animal plushie toys! Gotta get me one! ^^

I'm gonna make a wild guess, completely uninformed by any of the comments that have preceded mine, I swear I haven't even stolen a glimpse. ;)

Screen cleaner!

It's a duster for electronics like a computer screen. :)

It's for cleaning a screen (pc, laptoc etc), isn't it? :)

i just saw something like this at a flea market! it's for cleaning the computer monitor!

Because I've seen some wacky stuff like this in stores in Japan I'm going to say toilet paper roll cozy.

It's either a screen-cleaner or a wacky finger puppet, but I'm going to go with screen-cleaner. ^&^

A screen cleaner.

However, I'd be a lot more likely to try and order the other two delicious-looking sandwiches!

defo something to clean screen/CD etc!

LOL, screen cleaner it is ;) Although I would put it somewhere for decoration, because it'd be such a pity to use this plushy hamburger for cleaning my monitor :(

its a... cleaner! for cd's and monitors and stuff.. and also could be a handy cat toy XD

Screen cleaner!
I've wanted one of those for awhile.

Oh! I've seen something made of a similar material...

I'm going to guess screen cleaner wipe for a laptop screen or a cellphone screen.

Either a japanese burger puzzle or a kawaii screen wiper!

It's a handy dandy screen cleaner :D and super cute at that ^^

I knew without looking! :p
screen cleaner/polisher

The first thing I thought of was a screen cleaner... Which seems to be the popular vote in the comments too :)

This is an LCD display cleaner (computer screens, mobile phones, televisions, etc).

It's probably a (computer)screen cleaner...

a cd cleaner!! you put the cd inside the hamburger bun and spin?

Is it a screen cleaner? Cos most seem to think it is. :)