Monday photos: New York cravings

I am in New York, for family reasons. Not the best of circumstances, and I wasn't even sure I'd make it given my lousy health these days, but with the kind help of airport staff, I did.

So, what does an ex-New Yorker after many years spent living elsewhere? A sparkling meal at one of the city's finest restaurants? Not for me. I started here:


And, moved on to these (any expat American starts to crave stuff like this after a while. We can get salsa and chips in France...but it's just not the same.)


And while I can't say that I regularly crave black and whites, I had to pick up one of these blue-and-white variations over the weekend:


Congratulations to the New York Giants! (I hear it was a pretty good game. I'm afraid I slept right through it after the coin toss, due to a combination of fatigue, jet lag and not much interest in the game. ^_^; Besides, when I did live in New York and follow the local teams, I was a strictly Mets/Jets/Islanders kind of girl.)

Other things I am contemplating fulfilling my cravings for while here are, unfortunately, as carb-heavy as the ones already fulfilled: real New York pizza, takeout-Chinese roast pork lo mein, more bagels, dim sum in Flushing, a hot dog and papaya juice combo at Papaya King. I'll try to balance those cravings with some halfway healthy eating too.

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I live in CA and hope to go to NYC sometimes this year and I agree with eating the bagels. I'm looking forward to the deli sandwiches. The pizza. Knishes and Latkas.

But, then again, I start to miss CA after awhile. A lot less food items swimming in mayo.

yay! I recently moved to NYC area. They have the BEST bagels I have ever eaten. Ever!
enjoy your stay! and sorry to hear it isn't a fun visit.

where are your bagels from? we have a couple killer shops out here in BK... and welcome back to the city. I hope you're having a good time, considering.

you should try dim sum at dim sum go go 5 east broadway...the best, freshest dumplings especially love the duck dumplings. i go there everytime i am in nyc!! so delicious!!

Oh my baby Jesus! Maki-- you've been sick, you've got to eat better! I am ashamed as a New Yorker!
Papaya King!!
At least go to Doughnut Plant!

Those bagels... exactly where I would start if I ever go back to NYC for a visit.

Well even if the food isn't good for your body, at least it's good for your spirit.
And seriously, there's nothing as good as a bagel with cream cheese from a random New York deli/shop/etc. It doesn't even taste the same if you make it yourself, it has to be wrapped in paper and paid for with money.

I grew up in LA and when I go back home, I always eat things that I can't get in NY.

By the way if you need any recommendations while you're in NY, email me.

I hope the family and health stuff is going as well as can be hoped and, if not, that the curative power of bagels is doing some good.

Mrs. Renfro's medium salsa! I love that entire line of products, but the medium salsa is hands down the best. We stock it regularly in the Elf house. I agree with Eve, nothing beats a real NYC bagel with cream cheese. It just doesn't taste right at home.

Maki, I am sorry for your loss and I hope your health improves. Traveling while sick is so difficult, especially when your heart is heavy with grief.

Dean & Deluca is almost a reason to visit NY, though there is one in Napa Valley here in CA. So many tasty things there.

I never thought about not having access to Mexican food (salsa, guacamole, tamales, etc.) due to living in Europe. Finally, a downside!

if you need comfort food...go to Minca.

Oh bagles... How I miss thee.

And sourdough. I'd KILL for sourdough, yet I've never seen it in Japan, and its out of my skill level to make on my own. Too bad. The worst part is? After getting used to Japanese portions, when I go home I can't gorge myself anymore =D

Recommendation: instead of Papaya King, go to Gray's Papaya at 72nd St. and Broadway. The hot dogs are even better there!

What…no White Castle sliders that is located in Manhattan and Long Island plus no trip to Katz's Delicatessen????

LOL, that's really funny. When I get back to the US (from Bangkok), it's not to New York but bagels are STILL one of the first things I eat.

There's only one place in Bangkok that has halfway decent bagels and, even then, the cream cheese is Thai so pretty tasteless.

Yes! Don't forget to have a knish. Oh how I miss those bagels!
I am living in the Caribbean for school and the only bagels we have are bagged ones like Lenders. Not good/.

Bagels are the wise choice! Yummy but relative healthy to me, if I skip all of those cream cheese. Actually I prefer the bagels without that kind of cream since its flavor is sometimes too strong for me... Just a personal preference. :)