Japanese Cooking 101: List of fresh ingredients for Lessons 3 and 4

I hope that you have enjoyed the first two lessons plus bonus lessons of Lessons 1 and 2 of Japanese Cooking 101. I'm going to have to take a few days break because I'm feeling a bit under the weather, but Lesson 3 will come next week and possibly Lesson 4 also. So this is the shopping list for both lessons. As usual, this is in addition to the basic pantry ingredients required for the course.

Lesson 3 list

For lesson 3 we will be tackling nimono (煮物) or stewed dishes.

  • Carrots
  • Boiling type potatoes (new potatoes are great)
  • Medium onions
  • Dried shiitake mushrooms. If you can't get dried, fresh will be ok. If you can't get shiitake mushrooms button mushrooms are ok (but will taste very different).
  • Snap peas, mange-tout or other bright green vegetable (for garnish)

Lesson 4 list

We will be doing _sunomono__ (酢の物)or a mixed vinegar flavored side dish.

  • Broccoli (Tip: we'll be using the stalks, so you can use the florets as the green garnish for the nimono)
  • Wakame seaweed (optional), dried or fresh (in salt)

And that's it! I'll see you back here next week for the next lesson.

(If you are just joining us, please start at the Japanese Cooking 101 course announcement and work your way through the linked pages at the bottom.)

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Neither me nor my boyfriend like mushrooms at all. Would it be okay to leave them out, or is there a substitute?

You can just leave them out, that's fine.

Thank you for these posts on Japanese Cooking 101. I am a very keen student. Hehe

The shiitake mushrooms do make a big difference in taste to any dish that they are used in. If you get the whole dried ones they would be easy to pick back out after the cooking is done. Just as using a different type of mushroom would change the taste of the dish.

Thank you so much for doing this course! I love it, I love your blogs, and I also loved your Bento 101. It got me back into the habit of healthy and cute lunches and when I originally found your blogs a couple of years ago they basically changed my life.
As a fun side note I made the chirashizushi last night. Somehow after my rice cooker failing and having to transfer it to a pot my rice was PERFECT. I mixed in the ingredients to turn it into sushi rice and it was still perfect. Then I tried to "gently fold" the salmon and cucumbers in and somehow completely mashed it!
Thank you again for your amazing blogs and for doing these courses and I hope you feel better soon!

Hello, I am from Vancouver, BC and in most Japanese restaurants they have an option of sunomono salad which I quite like. As I have not travelled to Japan, I have no idea if this is a westernized dish, or similar flavours to the recipe for this course. You haven't specified a type of noodle as an ingredient, so I am assuming the upcoming recipe is made with rice? If you have ever tried our "sunomono salad" (vinegar with a type of noodles, usually garnished with cucumber and a protein) do you know what type of noodles are used? I would like to recreate this dish at home, but haven't been successful yet.