The World Food Programme's new head

I rarely get political on this blog, because...well this is a blog about food, and I hate all the strife that surrounds political discussions. However, this article about the new head of the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP link) made me pause - especially since this is the organization for which the Menu For Hope III event raised money.

I'm not saying that the WFP won't continue to do good work under this new head - but, her background makes me want to pound my head on my desk. Hard.

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Thanks for sharing this information. I clicked on the article because I was curious about her background from your comment. The reporter seems to avoid the topic, only acknowledging that when asked she sighed in exasperation. Do you know more about her than this article portrays?

Well for some people just the fact that she seems to be a Bush conservative is enough...but she was also a member of the Unification Church (aka the Moonies), and a reporter for the Washington Times...

Here is her Wikipedia page

Interesting that the Bush Administration pushed her through (with some sort of form of blackmail, saying they wouldn't be as willing to support the WFP if another candidate was chosen) despite the fact that the outgoing WFP head (himself an American) favored another candidate...

But I guess in some ways, this is 'politics as usual'....