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I would like to know if there are any japanese grocery stores in South Africa

I have also been searching the web but can't find any Japanese grocery stores in SA

Hi there

There is a very nice one in 14th Avenue, Northcliff in Johannesburg. Not sure of the name. It is close to the 14th Avenue turn off by the 7/11.

Howzit Anon-There are! Sort of depends on where you stay-thus far I have three different shops I frequent in Cape Town...one in Claremont, one in Seapoint and another in Observatory area!

whats the name of the one in claremont... i want to go there.. i dont know where it is?

Please can you post the addresses of the ones in Cape Town. Just went to visit the one near Wynberg just to find it'd shut down. Darn.


Do you know of any stores in the Johannesburg area?

I got one Indo Asian grocery shop which is Africa and prices of each product is reasonable. You can do online shopping also out there.
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do you know any shop in indonesia? well, all indonesia area especially south sulawesi.

Howsit, Anyone know of a japanese store in Durbs ? Wanna try making Takoyaki http://www.asiandumplingtips.com/2009/08/japanese-octopus-dumpling-balls...

I am an American who lived in Osaka for many years, and now for many in Brazil, in Sao Paulo. I cannot live without Japanese food and ingredients, so it's lucky I am here; one of the results of over a 100 years of Japan-Brazil immigration, we have a Japanese neighborhood called Liberdade. It feels like home to me. There I can get a lot of things I need: mochi flour, soba/udon, wasabi, Kikkoman products, Pocky/Pretz, senbei, genmai cha, sauces, sushi rice, etc. The two big grocery stores are Marukai and Casa Bueno.

There's a great bakery called Padaria Itiriki, where I buy anpan and karepan. I can even buy Japanese kitchen tools and pottery in Liberdade; my favorite place is Hime-ya. So many great Japanese restaurants all over the city, too, not just in Liberdade.

I also frequent a store called Towa where I can get other Asian ingredients, like for Thai and Chinese cooking.

For a pseudo-Japanese expat, living in Sao Paulo is a dream.

Does anyone know of a store in Johannesburg, South Africa, that sells Japanese groceries like Wakame, Kombu, Mirin, etc. etc.

Am desperate, love Japanese food!

Does anyone know where I could get japanese ingredients in pietermaritzburg, South Africa? It would be very helpful thank you! :)

We have a Japanese grocery store in our near by market. And I must tell you that it has all the Japanese stuffs and items be it a small thing or a big thing. It works just fine.
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I would like to know if there are any japanese grocery stores in South Africa - Yes Me too.

I am in Johannesburg and have been searching for Konbu, Mirin, dashi, mizuna leaves, umeboshi, etc, nobody on this forum has mentioned an actual address! please advise! Johannesburg should have something, somewhere! (Chinatown is no good, there is nothing Japanese to be found.)

Can anyone tell me of an online shop that sells in South Africa?

Or an actual shop somewhere in Durban, South Africa.

Am desperate to find Japanese ingredients - heck even just udon or ramen would be great.

Cheung Hing Hong, Shop 3, 35 Newport Avenue, Glenashley, Durban; tel: (031) 562-0633

Cheung Hing Hong, Shop 3, 35 Newport Avenue, Glenashley, Durban; tel: (031) 562-0633

Hahhahaha....I'm I the only one that sees you are looking for a shop in johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA? Hhahahhaha....I've been meaning to go check out this other place I heard about in cyryldene..or near it by bruma. Apparently its nihon not chou. So if you are game I can look for an address and we can go together or meet there(since its joburg). My tongue can't wait...I really want sweets and ochezuke....weird right?

Hi everyone,
I've been also looking for Japanese ingredients and the best place is the Korean supermarket at Rivonia Junction in Jo'burg!
Hope this help