MasterChef Goes Large 2007 (Season 3) starts today

Update: The season is over and the winner is announced.

masterchef_presenters_300x193.jpgMasterChef Goes Large, the best competitive cooking show on television today*, starts its third round today. If you live in the U.K. or anywhere else where BBC Two is viewable (that includes Switzerland if you have a satellite dish aimed at Astra 2D or the right package from Cablecom) don't forget to tune in, or set your recorders, for 7:30 CET / 6:30 British time tonight! There will be a special, MasterChef - What The Winners Did Next, right after the first episode of this year's competition, following up on the three finalists from Season 2.

I won't be doing all the daily challenges as I did last year, since it sort of took over my life for a few weeks and I'm too busy, but I will probably pick out one or two interesting ingredient sets a week to try out. Following along last year really helped to expand my repertoire and made me think about what it takes to come up with 'original' menus and dishes on the spot. I highly recommend it if you're up for a great cooking challenge.

(It's much better than Top Chef, Iron Chef America, or any of the Food Network competition shows, and is on a par with (but totally different from) the original Japanese Iron Chef. Yep I've seen them all. I know, I need a life.)

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Not on BBC America :-(... I wonder if anyone Youtubes the episodes...

Hi Maki,
I missed the episode on previous winners. I've seen last year's winner on Good Food Live but that's all I know. The BBC Food site has some info on previous winners but not much. Do you know what became of Thomasina and Caroline?

Roanne, according to the 'where are they now' program that aired just after the first ep of the new season, Thomasina (Tommy has written two cookbooks and has the financing now to open her own Mexican restaurant, and Caroline is a food writer based in New York. No mention of Marc though... (look up Thomasina Meiers on and you'll see her books!) The three finalists of season 2 are all doing private catering at the moment.


I was fascinated about the finalist Steven's smoked potato. Could somebody out there let me have the recipe and method of smoking potato, please.


A quick google search led to this:

Must be the right one. Learn the power of Google!