Out of commission

Just a quick note: I haven't been posting lately here because I hurt my left arm recently (and I am left handed), and doing any kind of serious cooking with one arm is sort of difficult. :) I hope to be cooking and posting more as soon as I can though.

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Hi Maki,

I was wondering why we hadn't heard from you in a while. I wish you a speedy recovery!

I hope you feel better soon!


Please get well soon Maki, don't worry about us, we'll try to keep ourselves entertained and you amused :) while you heal.

Get better soon!

Hope you're left arm is better soon - I'm looking forward to your return.

Hope you feel better soon!

get better soon, maki! we'll be waiting!

Hey-- I'm left-handed too!
Hope your arm feels better soon. Best wishes to you.

I hope you get better :)

Get better soon, you're much missed.

hope max has been feeding you properly while you're out of action :)
here's to maki healing quickly!

Thank you so much everyone for all of your good wishes! My mother is visiting now from Japan, and brought a whole bunch of goodies...I'll be blogging about that soon :)

I join in the chorus: please get better soon!