Some food TV news: Supersizers Go repeats, The Restaurant is back, more

Some food TV news for you if you live in the UK or regions of Europe that get British TV:

Supersizers Go... repeats

The Supersizers Go series is being re-aired on BBC Two this month, startin g on Wednesday September 3rd ( or early on Thursday, September 4th if you're in CET). And, it look like they are going to be showing them in chronological order instead of the jumbled up order they were broadcast originally.

Here are the airtimes I've seen so far:

  • Elizabethan: 11:20PM on September 3rd BT or 12:20AM September 4th CET (reviewed here)
  • Restoration: 11:20PM on September 4th BT or 12:20AM September 5th CET (reviewed here)
  • Regency: 11:20PM on September 9th BT or 12:20AM September 10th CET (reviewed here)

I'll update the list as I see more showing up either on BBC's What's On or Digiguide.

The Restaurant (aka: Last Restaurant Standing) is back for another round

The Restaurant, an Apprentice-like competition reality show in which the winning couple gets to run their own restaurant within the Raymond Blanc empire, is back for another round, starting on September 10th at 8PM BT/9PM CET on BBC Two. I really enjoyed the first season, though I found the winning couple really annoying so sort of phased out towards the end. Since it seems that the show was quite successful when it ran on BBC America as Last Restaurant Standing recently, I am guessing that series two will also be shown there eventually too.

Some other current and upcoming shows

  • Masterchef, my favorite TV food show, is currenty showing an offshoot version called Masterchef: The Professionals. This is a contest for young professional chefs (so far I think all of them have been 25 years old or younger), and it started last week (I think it runs for two more weeks). For some reason the Beeb is not really pushing this series much - it doesn't even get a mention on the main Masterchef page - but so far it's been quite fun. And instead of John Torode, Gregg Wallace's judging partner is Michelin-starred chef Michel Roux Jr., who actually has a pretty good on-screen personality (and eyes that get bigger and bigger when he's surprised, annoyed, or whatever.)
  • ITV's Britain's Best Dish is back for another round too, starting today. I rather skimmed through this show (recorded on my DVR and consumed in weekly batches while doing something else mostly) but it was not too bad. It was certainly better for me than BBC Two's Eating With the Enemy, which is just unwatchable on many levels (food generally looks horrible, food critics/judges come off as prats, Kate Spicer looks so angry/pissed all the time.)
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The link to the Restoration currently links to Regency.

Just thought I'd let you know =]

oops, corrected now!

Supersizers Go is fantastic.. i watch it.. it's really cool.. you learn more about the history of food in Britain.. it's nice isn't it?
and Masterchef, is a good start for young chefs!!