Food Destinations reminder plus news

I wanted to remind everyone that we have about 2 weeks to go for the Food Destinations event. A few entries have already come in. By the way, a few people have mentioned that they already have several existing review-type entries on their blogs. If that fits you, what about a re-review/index that points to your past reviews? If you do put together an article like that (or already have), please send me the link! The main objective here is to have a listing of reviews from foodies around the world, after all.

In other news, this site will be a bit silent for a few days. There are a few changes coming around Just Hungry, which have actually been dragging on for a while because of lack of time etc., but I finally want to get them done. Hopefully the changes will be a big improvement! (I will be posting my weekly Top Chef review later this week though, never fear!)

Anyway, please send in your Food Destinations, and see you soon!

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