World Cup Food!

I'd like to interrupt my long-winded Provence musing with a World Cup food moment. Here in Switzerland, people are going World Cup crazy (well, as crazy as the super-cool Swiss get). Most people are rooting for the Swiss team of course, especially since they are doing very well.

The stores have gotten into the act by offering all kinds of World Cup themed products. Migros, the largest supermarket chain in Switzerland, is selling boiled eggs dyed and decorated with stickers representing the World Cup participating nations. Yes, gold-colored boiled eggs.

World Cup Eggs

(Pre-boiled eggs called Picnic-Eier are commonly available here, and are sold dyed to suit whatever occasion is coming up: Easter colors for Easter, bright red with white crosses for the August 1st Swiss National Day, and so on.)

Even our local bakery is getting into the act. They're selling this cute loaf of whole grain bread with the Swiss flag motif cut into the crust.

World Cup Bread

Ellen has pictures of bright red and green colored World Cup eggs on her blog at GenevaLunch.

Does your country have World Cup themed food too? Let me know! (If you have a flickr account, please consider taking a picture and tagging it as worldcupfood.)

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Very funny stuff. The USA doesn't have anything like that, but then we are not obsessed with football/soccer, generally speaking. My husband and I love following the world cup, however. For my blog, I'm doing a series of world cup dinners, where we pick a particular game and cook a dish from the country of the winning team on that night. Most of the games take place here (Fort Lauderdale, FL) early in the day so it works out well. I am loving your Provence series by the way. Thanks,

Julie, what a great idea! I'm glad you are enjoying the Provence series also. I love Florida by the way!