I have seen the peanut brittle light, and it shines from Virginia

ap_peanutbrittle.jpgOne of the (many) food obsessions I have is nut brittles. Peanut brittle, macademia nut brittle, almond brittle (which, when pulverized, turns into praline). I love that combination of caramel and nut flavor. Peanut brittle is the most handy kind to get a hold of, and make. I make it as often as my teeth and waistline allow.

But, I realized yesterday that I have never had truly good peanut brittle.

Max was in Virginia last week for business. Driving down a secondary highway, he happened to pass by Calvin L Adams Country Store, which also sported a large sign saying Adams Peanuts. Knowing my fondness for peanut brittle, he got a bag.

At first I was not wowed - it looks quite plain, in fact, with a dull rather than gloss finish. But one bite into a piece, and I knew that this was peanut brittle nirvana. It contains whole, unskinned peanuts. The brittle part is light and airy, not hard or chewy at all. It breaks into little pieces as soon as you crunch down. The not-too-sweet caramel of the brittle, the peanutty peanuts, and the very slight bitterness of the skins combine to form a heavenly experience.

How could I have lived for so long, not knowing that peanut brittle could be so good? I curse my wasted life so far.

And, joy of joys - Adams' Peanuts has a web site! Though, worryingly, they don't list peanut brittle on their Products list. If they don't ship peanut brittle, a trip to Waverly, Virginia is in my very near future.

Here are some photos of Calvin L. Adams Country Store, aka Adams' Peanuts:

Calvin L. Adams Country Store (aka Adams Peanuts), Waverly, Virginia

The interior. The hams, the hams!

Adams' Peanuts store interior

Mr. Lionel Adams, the proprietor:

Mr. Lionel Adams, proprietor, Adams' Peanuts

A couple more are on flickr.

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Oh my, that store is so neat!

Maki-san, ohisashiburi! This store looks wonderful. I am relocating to the DC area soon and this gave me one reason to look forward to the move. Could the "peanut squares"offered on the website be close to peanut brittle?

Motoko-san, ohisashiburi desu! Ah you are moving...so you have an excuse for not updating your site for so long :)

I'm not sure if peanut squares are peanut brittle...I guess I will have to find out...

I am an employee of Adams Peanuts and just wanted to tell you about the peanut squares and the peanut brittle. The peanut squares have much more peanuts and they are square blocks of peanut candy. The peanut brittle is sweeter and doesn't have as many peanuts. Our website (adamspeanuts.com) has a picture of the squares. The peanut brittle is only in a 1lb. bag and is not on the website. We ship UPS and if you'd like to contact me, you may do so by calling 757-899-8651, fax 757-899-7060 or email customerservice@adamspeanuts.com. We have a brochure. I'd be gald to send you one if you'll give me your address.

I used to like peanut and peanut products until my early 20's. Especially such a 'high-protein' item such as PB promoted by the dept of ag. (or is that ug?)
Peanuts, unless certified organic, are the rotation crop for the most toxic crop on the planet, Cotton.
Common sense says the toxins dumped into the soil stay around, and for sure, end up in the peanuts!

Virginia does have these really wonderful culinary traditions - these hams and peanuts being two of the most famous. I haven't been to the Adams Country Store, but have been in about 10 similar country stores throughout the state and they are a dying breed. Thanks for sharing this slice of Virginia with your readers.

I discovered Adams' Peanuts in the late 1980's and have been fond of all their offerings - Their products are top notch and Mr. Calvin Adams puts TLC into everything he touches. Make sure you get a jar or two of the molasses!

I haven't had a chance to get any Adam's Peanuts in a couple of years...I need to plan for them soon!