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I am almost ready to give birth to a project that's been incubating for ages. It's still rather sparse (or, as they say in Web 2.0 speak, 'beta'). If you take a look let me know what you think....

[Update:] Thank you for all of the positive comments! (If you have any criticism that's welcome too.) As you can probably see already, the site will be quite tutorial-heavy, especially since there are already a growing number of bento blogs. As I've written in Bento Basics, the focus of most of the bentos (I'm sure there will be some exceptions) I'll be writing about are 1) brown-rice based with a large portion of vegetables, 2) made in 20 minutes or under (with some prep work) and 2) 600 calories or under (a bit more for bigger guys). They won't be that cute - at least inside the bento box. I don't have a lot of patience for cute-fiddling in the morning. You can of course add cuteness with the bento box itself or the wrapper for the bento box.

The site is still 'beta' because I'm still ironing out some background kinks, but you can already subscribe to it and things.

Incidentally, I started to make a concerted effort to make bento earlier this year, as part of an overall 'eat healthier, dammit' thing. It's been a really positive experience health-wise and taste-wise, and as one side effect I've lost about 30 lbs (15 kg or so) since the beginning of the year. Does that give you an incentive to start making bento too? :)

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I'm adding this to the list of food blogs I'm reading. I always think I'm going to make a utilitarian bento for my lunches, but it usually ends up being leftovers from dinner because I am lazy. :P

My favorite kind of bento, I have to admit, are the eki-ben-- makes me nostalgic, I guess. I marvel at the elaborate cute bentos I see on the web, but that's as far as I'll go-- I don't have the time or patience to make those. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with on your new site.

I'm excited about this, espescially since I just interviewed for a job downtown in an area where food out is prohibitively expensive (unlike my current job, which is scheduled so I'm at home for meals). How soon do you think you'll be getting an RSS feed up and running? I want to be able to follow this as it develops.

I've recently gotten really into making bento for lunches, since I'm in Uni all day one of the weekdays I'm there. So, I'm muchly looking forward to this going "live". It'll be helpful. =D

Thank you so much for this.


Since our breadwinner has recently declared he wants something other than bread for his lunch, this news is indeed very welcome. I was already wondering how soon i'll be running out of pasta salad ideas.

Looks good! And I'm sure you've already seen Yvo's Feisty Bento, which is along a similar vein.

Thank you so much for the site. I'm so excited to see it evolve---I have it listed to my bloglines subscriptions already, just beside justhungry :D I can never get enough good obento ideas.

Hope you don't mind if I link to your site too :D

Thank you for all of your feedback! Aoife I didn't know about Feisty Bento, thanks for letting me know about it - I'll definitely have to add it to a bento blog link list.

Oh, awesome! That looks like a perfect bento resource for me--healthy and neat, but not too cute or fiddly. It's hard to find stuff that in English, and while my Japanese is decent, I'm nowhere near fluent enough to always find what I want. Yay and thanks!