Just Hungry and Just Bento, now with tasty full RSS feeds

For the longest time (like forever) RSS subscribers to Just Hungry have only gotten the excerpts. There was no deep reason for this...except that I was afraid that my often long-winded posts would annoy you if you wanted to skim, or something. Well, due to approximately 3.5 people mentioning they'd prefer full feeds...from now on all Just Hungry and Just Bento feeds will have the full shebang, so you'll never have to visit the site again*! Banzai!

Not subscribed yet? Then here they are: the Just Hungry newsfeed and Just Bento newsfeed. (What is a newsfeed?)

*Though I hope you do, I like visitors. I'll even put out the Chex mix.

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I wasn't one of those 3.5 people who complained, but I sure am glad you did this! :-). As ashamed as I might be to admit this, sometimes I am Just Lazy and would rather read the whole piece on Bloglines first when I am scrolling through new posts, and later get back to what I would like to "explore" some more. This, and my "bedside" laptop is old and slow:-) But as you see, I still come to visit!

Hahah...I just have to know, Maki...3.5 people ??

Hey btw, I like the new justbento.com site...v. nice...
I like the idea for the bentos too, you know, being that since most packed meals these days are quite unhealthy. Even if they do offer some nutrition, it's usually processed food that doesn't include a variety of food groups.
You should start selling boxes of these! HAH...and have them exported to the US!


The .5 person I thought was complaining but I wasn't sure, so they get .5 points. :D

Hmm Just Lazy would be another site idea... (stop me! I have a bad 'think of a site idea, register domain' habit)

innersion indeed packet meals can be healthy or not healthy! Making your own where you know exactly what's in there is the best!

Hooray! Both are wonderful sites and a welcomed addition to my daily feeds btw.

Oh, yay, full RSS feeds! I've found that if a site has full RSS feeds, i'm actually more inclined to visit the site itself. It's the writing that draws me to a blog, so getting the full feed via my feed reader is a great thing.