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I know that quite a lot of people who follow Just Bento and/or Just Hungry are interested in Japanese culture in general. So, this is a very-infrequent plug for my Japanese language mini-lesson blog and Twitter account. The Twitter account is separate from my main chatty Twitter (@bentotips, where I actually rarely tweet any bento tips...); it's at @mainichinihongo. There is also a companion blog, Hungry For Words, which has longer lessons on occasion. The lessons are not very structured or anything - I just talk about words or phrases that pop into my mind.

So, if you are studying Japanese, or just interested in nihongo, take a look! It's all part of my mission to spread Japanese culture over the world, like gomashio on rice ^_^.

(Cross-posted to Just Hungry and Just Bento. I have plugged it here before, but I hope you don't mind another one - I try not to do it that often. )

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This is great! I just returned from Japan and am increasingly interested in learning more about the language, customs, and of course, FOOD!

hi maki!
yup, i do read 'hungry for words'. i am a filipino working in japan for a little over a year already. i just took the JLPT Level 2 last december and hopefully will get good results which will be out this month. wish me luck! :) thank you for your informative posts here, 'just bento7, and 'hungry for words'. your posts are not only fun to read but also provide insights on japanese culture, language, and food - all of which interest me. thank you very much!

Awesome, Maki! Thanks!!!

The hardest part of studying "nontraditional" languages in the US is finding someone to practice with. Seems like everyone in school is studying boring spanish and french. ;)

How do you say "comment" in japanese?