Japanese grocery stores in the United States and territories

This list is sporadically updated but should be reasonably current.

Japanese food is getting more and more popular across the United States. Korean-oriented markets also carry a lot of Japanese food supplies. (Chinese markets do not necessarily carry Japanese food, though they may have some items.)

Note that Amazon Groceries carries several Japanese food products..

Below is a reader-contributed list of brick-and-mortar Japanese grocery stores and stores selling food-related items in the United States. Don't forget to look through the comments also! Note that California and the New York-New Jersey - Connecticut areas have their own pages.

Bento fans should also check Where and how to buy bento boxes and equipment on our sister site, Just Bento.

Nationwide chains

99 Ranch Market
Chinese and English web site
Chinese chain. General Asian food supplies. Many locations throughout California, one in Las Vegas, two in Washington State, one in Georgia.
English web site
Worldwide store list
Daiso is a Japanese dollar store type chain. They seem to be expanding rapidly overseas. They have 9 stores in the U.S. as of Feb. 2008 according to their website, all in California and Washington State, but keep checking to see if they are opening more. A good source of cheap kitchenware, tableware, non-perishable food items and bento supplies (selection differs according to the location).
Han Ah Rheum/Super-H/H-Mart
A rapidly expanding Korean supermarket chain with stores in NY, NJ, PA, CO, IL, MD, CA, WA, CA, DC; expanding to other states (TX, etc.).
Stores in California, Illinois and New Jersey (addresses listed below in the regional sections). Mostly supermarket size stores. Often with a mini-mall with independent stores attached.



17th Street Farmer’s Market
840 E 17th St.
Tucson, AZ 85719
Phone: (520) 792-2588
Comments: "Also a fairly large market with lots of locally grown produce and a really nice fish market. This market doesn’t supply as much as G & L (see below) however but does have a fairly decent Asian grocery section. -(Reiko)
G &L Imports
4828 E 22nd St.
Tucson, AZ 85711
Phone: (520) 790-9016
Comments: "This is a fairly large market for lots of different types of Asian groceries and household items. Additionally, they have a warm foods cabinet where you can get char-siu, bao, noodles, and the occasional bbq duck. They will also take orders for any of their hot foods if you like to order in advance for pick up." -(Reiko)
Sandyi Oriental Market
4270 E Pima St.
Tucson, AZ 85712
Phone: (520) 320-0389
Comments: "Mostly a Korean market but has LOTS of Japanese groceries and household items. This is my favorite place to shop and not just because it’s less than five minutes away from where I live. It’s a small store but clean and well organized and run by a very friendly family. Often this store carries some of the harder-to-obtain items that can’t be found at the other markets in my area (like a huge selection of pre-packaged tsukemono, ice cream bars, new crop rice, and many different types of frozen fish). I also come here because the owners make take-out foods like spicy fried chicken and sushi, all nicely packaged up. They also offer fresh bakery goods, individually packaged." -(Reiko)


See the California page.


Pacific Mercantile Co
1925 Lawrence St
Denver, CO USA
Comments: "I’ve shopped here for years. Beautiful produce, excellent fresh fish counter, foods from or used in Japan — canned, frozen, dry-packaged. Large varieties of rice, seaweed, noodles, tea. They also have a housewares section. The store is downtown so parking is metered." - (Harper)
Pacific Ocean Int’l Supermarket
2200 W Alameda Ave # 2B
Denver, CO 80223
(303) 935-2470
Comments: "Chinese, Japanese and other Asian products. Very large (larger than it looks from outside). Large nice produce selection. This is where I come if I can’t find something anyplace else. Not a lot of ambience and the location looks run-down but lots of parking and good prices." - (Harper)


Atlanta area

Buford Highway Farmers Market
5600 Buford Highway
Doraville, GA 30340
Tel: (770) 455-0770
Comments: "The store does have a bit of a funny smell to it but it is half spanish half asian. They have a good selection of food and a small area for kitchen supplies with onigiri molds and dumpling makers. Not bad if you know what you want." -(Jessica)
Gwinnett International Farmers Market
3825 Shackleford Road
Duluth, GA 30096
(770) 921-8288
Comments: "This store has much more kitchen items such as takoyaki pans, mandolin slicers, fish shaped pancake molds. They also have a good food selection and also an area with food to order." -(Jessica)
Super H Mart
2550 Pleasant Hill Rd
Atlanta, GA 30349
(678) 417-0206
Also at
6335 State Route 85
Riverdale, GA 30274
(this location has more housewares, gift items, Sanrio, etc)
Comments: "of course the creme of the crop. Very busy on the weekends but a great selection. They have 2 locations in the atlanta area and are building a 3rd this year." - (Jessica)


Tokyo Mart
Monticello Plaza
Chalan San Antonio
Tamuning Guam
Comment: "Compact but fairly complete shop with twice a week shipments from Japan. Canned, frozen, dry goods, bakery items, fresh produce, fresh and frozen fish mainly from Japan, small meats selection from the US featuring Angus beef and Berkshire pork. Some European gourmet food items. There is a tiny kitchen that provides an extensive selection of ready made bento meals daily. Housewares, beauty and health products, Japanese-language video shop, and Japanese magazine subscription service also available. Located near Cost-U-Less, with a large adjacent parking lot." - *santos*


There are several Japanese markets in Hawaii, and regular supermarkets and convenience stores like 7-11 and ABC Stores also stock some Japanese-ish snacks and so on.

(See Bento sightseeing in Hawaii)

Marukai Wholesale Mart
2310 Kamehameha Highway
Honolulu, Hawaii 96819
Tel: (808) 845-5051
Also 2 other location (check website)
English and Japanese web site
Comments: "Japanese Food, Fresh Food, Bento, Asian Food, Hawaiian Food, Souvenirs(Chocolate, Cookies, Coffee, etc.), Liquor, Beddings and Furniture, Health Products, Home Furnishings, Appliances, and Antiques." -(anon)

Other stores - listings to be added: Shirokiya, Don Quijote,


Mitsuwa Chicago
100 E. Algonquin Road
Arlington Heights, IL 60005
(847) 956-6699
English website, Japanese website
Said to have bento supplies. Open 7 days/week.
Sea Ranch Grocery
3223 Lake Ave
Wilmette, IL 60091
(847) 256-7010
Comments: "My mom has shopped here for decades. It’s a small shop but densely packed with Japanese groceries. Next door is a fish store, you can order sushi platters or purchase slabs of fish that you can slice at home." - (JO)
J Toguri
851 W. Belmont
Chicago, IL
Tel: 773 929 3500
Comment: "I wanted to recommend a store in Chicago I haven’t seen listed on here. It’s pretty small and most of it is devoted to gift items and books, however there is a decent size section of Japanese foods. If you can’t make it out to Mitsuwa, and need a basic staple this may be a good choice."


Asia Oriental Market
2400 Yeager Road
West Lafayette, IN
Comments:"They try to be a (small) grocery store that covers all of Asia, so their Japanese selection is a bit limited, but still worlds beyond a standard grocery store. Their produce isn’t good, but that have a lot of canned/dried/refrigerated stuff you can’t get much anywhere else around here." -(Randomscrub)
One World Market
8466 Castleton Corner Dr.
Indianapolis, IN 46250
Tel: (317) 842-3442
Comments: "We just visited this store today and were very pleased. It has a nice variety of everything, including fresh vegetables and fish as well as sushi. I don’t have the hours, but they are closed Monday." -(anon)
Sakura Mart
2450 E 71st St
Indianapolis, IN 46220
Small store, focusing mainly on pantry goods, frozen foods, and snacks, but they do have some housewares and fresh things. Their sushi-to-go case is a cut above as their sushi comes from the related Sakura Restaurant next door, which is often acknowledged as the best place in town for sushi. Some prices are a little high, but on the whole they are comparable to pan-Asian markets in the area, and have a much larger selection of Japanese goods than anywhere else in the Indy area. -(Denise)


New Orleans metro area

Hong Kong Market
925 Behrman Highway
Gretna, LA
Comments: "They do not have a web site, but there is a good review with pictures here. This is a huge supermarket with an incredible selection of Asian foods. The market is located in a strip mall targeted towards the large Vietnamese population in New Orleans, but there are a lot of Japanese and Chinese products. There is a large frozen foods section (with green tea and red bean ice cream!) and a house wares section with dishes, sushi supplies, rice cookers, etc. They carry Japanese candies and sodas also. I have always been able to find what I am looking for there. They do not carry bento gear." - (Traci)


Kotobukiya (CLOSED)
1815 Mass Ave
Cambridge, MA 02140
297 Mass Ave
Cambridge, MA 02139
Tel: 617-661-1194
Comments: "Korean grocer. Small store, jam-packed with things like the biggest bags of red peppers I’ve ever seen. -(Pam)
152 Harvard Ave
Allston, MA 02134
Comments: "Korean-Japanese grocer. Tiny store with good selection." -(Pam)
Reliable Market
45 Union Square
Somerville, MA
Tel: 617-623-9620
Comments: "Korean-Japanese grocer. Large store with excellent selection and reasonable prices." -(Pam)


Several Japanese bloggers living in Michigan mentioned they go to the Mitsuwa supermarket near Chicago (see Illinois listings).

Hiller’s Marketplace
3615 Washtenaw Avenue (in the Arborland Mall at US 23)
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Open 8 AM to 11 PM Monday through Saturday; 8 AM to 9 PM on Sunday
Tel: 734-677-2370
English web site
Comments: "This is a real surprise: a locally owned chain of grocers with a great selection of Japanese food. They may have only 2 packages of each item on the shelf, but they must have 50 different items. And they restock regularly so the stuff has not sat for years waiting for a buyer! They also have a whole freezer case devoted to frozen foods, and some refrigerated items. Apparently one of their stores has an even better selection “at 14 Mile and Haggerty Roads is home to Metro Detroit’s most extensive Japanese food selection. Come speak with Satomi Matsuda, who directs our Japanese services division to discover a whole world of new flavors and healthy eating.”" -(Tess)
Hua Xing Asia Market
1867 Washtenaw Ave
Ypsilanti, MI 48197
Tel: (734) 528-3355
Comments: "Huge pan-Asian store. It used to be a car dealership and you can see that history in its current layout. There is a decent selection of Japanese staples, snacks, and frozen foods, but you have to go up and down the aisles because the store is not organized by “culture.” Good fresh produce (though sometimes it’s not so fresh). Live fish and turtles and frogs can be frightening, but they also have cleaned and filleted fish that is very fresh. They also have a selection of dishes and equipment." -(Tess)
Korean Market
(It actually has a Korean name, but it escapes me right now -Tess)
3893 Platt Rd
Ann Arbor, MI 48108
Tel: (734) 487-9898
Comments: "Tiny store located in a strip-mall anchored by a gas station. It took me months to venture in because it looked so small, but when I did: WOW! Most of the merchandise is Korean, but they have the freshest Japanese vegetables anywhere. Occasionally they have very fresh fish. They stock all the Japanese staples you’ll need on shelves or refrigerated/frozen. They even have some equipment and dishes! Just think “skinny” and don’t even try to use the shopping carts: the aisles are that narrow." -(Tess)
Koyama Shoten
37176 Six Mile Rd
Livonia, MI 48152
Tel: 734-464-1480
Comments: "Although I like to shop at One World Market listed [below], since this store is only 5 minutes from my house, this is where I usually go to get quick, fresh, entirely lovely sushi and Japanese ingredients. Koyama Shoten is the typical small neighborhood-style store, however it stocks a very high-quality selection of fresh ingredients such as vegetables and fish. Both the frozen and the dry goods sections have almost anything you would need, but with less options than a big store. I like the basket on the front counter with its daily selection of warm roll-your-own hand rolls in convenience packaging. They rent Japanese videos and sell magazines, sundries, etc as well. And finally, I love that this store is a very friendly family-owned store!" -(anon)
"They have a very nice and clean grocery store as well as a very friendly and helpful staff. They occasionally have a few bento boxes and they always have a small variety of picks, separators, and other kitchen items. They have a lovely selection of ceramics. They also rent movies and have magazines." -(Kirsten)
42705 Grand River Ave, #B
Novi, Michigan, 48375
Tel: 248-374-3200
English and Japanese web site
Comments: "Mirai is such a special place here in the Detroit area, that even though it is not a grocery store, I feel that it must be mentioned. Where else in a Midwestern industrial state like Michigan could you possibly find 250 Japanese magazines? A broad selection of Japanese books and learning materials for children and adults? The PERFECT brush pen, as well as a good selection of brushes & ink stones for sumi-e, kanji paper, and other needs of the Japanese student? They have a coffee bar (green tea slushies!) and snacks in a refrigerated case, so maybe it counts as a grocery store after all. They also carry a good selection of origami paper and a few books, many gift and decorative items, Japanese cosmetics, and a huge rental video section." -(anon)
Noble Fish
45 E. 14 Mile Rd
Clawson,MI 48017-2132.
(248) 585-2314
"Sushi bar in back. Most comprehensive Japanese grocery store. Closed Mondays." (from the web)
One World Market
42705 Grand River Ave, #B
Novi MI 48375
Cross Streets: Between Market St and Constitution
Tel: 248-374-0844
Webpage with details
Comments: "This store is so big it really is a super-market, and is about the size of 3 small “neighborhood” Japanese grocery stores! You will find here a very large selection of beautiful fresh fish and an excellent variety of fresh Japanese vegetables. They also have a large case of frozen goods, a decent-sized section that stocks Japanese health and beauty aids and kitchen appliances, what looks to me to be a large selection of sake, and really wonderful sushi! I have heard that this store is the “sister store” to the locally highly-regarded Noble Fish. Both carry excellent and similar sushi. You can rent Japanese videos and buy Japanese books, magazines, cosmetics, origami paper, writing materials, etc from Mirai 2 doors north." -(anon)
"All Japanese groceries. Very fresh fish, nice produce, large frozen food section, lots of Japanese snacks and pantry staples, some dishes/equipment." -(Tess)
Oriental Mart
2800 East Grand River Ave.
East Lansing, MI 48823
(517) 337-2519
Comments: "Very large grocery store. Everything for Chinese, Japanese, Indian cooking and more. Organized vaguely by region. Fresh fish, produce, cooking equipment etc. Staff very helpful." - (Todd)
Tsai Grocery
3115 Oak Valley Drive
Cross Streets: Between Airey Ct and Scio Church Rd
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
Tel: 734-995-0422
Comments: "This store is as big as One World Market, but it has less Japanese items overall, as it has well-stocked subsections of Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, and Philippine ingredients as well. It has good sushi which comes from a restaurant (Godaiko) a few doors away. The produce selection is fresh and varied, and there are more choices in the frozen and meat sections since other Asian cuisines are represented. The store carries interesting sundry items as well. This is a great place to shop, but quite a drive from most of the Detroit suburbs where there are other good options, although without as many ingredients from different Asian cultures under one storefront." -(anon)
"Good selection of Japanese food (they also own the Japanese restaurant next door), especially a good variety of miso, tofu, konyaku, pickles, and other refrigerated items. The Japanese sections are separated from other Asian foods: soy sauce, tamari, vinegar, noodles, canned goods, and snacks have shelf space distinct from Chinese, Korean, Thai etc. merchandise. Large selection of frozen foods (fish, meats, prepared products). Some cheap household goods (plastic strainers, flip flops, vegetable peelers), some nice dishes, good electric rice cookers and other equipment." -(Tess)


United Noodles
2015 E 24th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55404
Monday to Saturday: 9am - 7pm, Sunday: 9am - 6pm
Tel: 612-721-6677 Fax: 612-721-2019
Email: info [at] unitednoodles [dot] com
Comments: "has some Japanese products, not a whole lot." -(JO)
"i’m not sure how long it’s been since you’ve been to united noodles, but last time i was there (last month), they had expanded their japanese products considerably. nothing compared to, say, uwajimaya in portland, but they do carry stuff that i’ve had a difficult time finding here in chicago, such as the ajishima brand furikake with no preservatives or MSG. i always stock up whenever i go home and end up coming back with more food in my suitcase than clothing. ^^" -(army_kitten)


Chong’s Oriental Market
701 Locust St
Columbia, MO
Tel: (573) 443-1977
Comments: "It is a smallish store but they have a great variety of items… some fresh veggies, lots of canned items, refrigerated section, frozen section. People are very friendly. They have some cooking utensils too. I was able to pick up a Benriner mandolin slicer cheaper than I’d seen it online!"


99 Ranch Market
(owned and operated by independent licensee, whatever that means)
4155 W. Spring Mountain Road
Las Vegas, NV 89102
Tel: (702) 364-8899
Hours: 8:30 am - 10:00 pm
Part of 99 Ranch chain of Chinese/Asian markets. See top of page for details.

New York, North New Jersey, Connecticut

See the NY-NJ-CT page.


Jungle Jim’s International Grocery
5440 Dixie Hwy (Rte. 4)
Fairfield, OH 45014
Phone: 513-674-6000, Fax: 513-674-6001
Email: contactus at junglejims dot com
7 Days a Week 8am - 10pm
Web site
Comments: "This is in the northern suburbs of Cincinnati, a huge six-acre grocery store that specializes in carrying foodstuffs from around the world as well as more everyday grocery items. Their Japanese section is pretty well stocked with frozen and non-perishables. To date, I have not noticed any bento boxes, although they do carry some chopsticks and onigiri molds in the cookware section, which is worth a look. A must-see for any foodie, really." -(DM)
Tensuke Market
1167 Old Henderson Rd
Columbus, OH 43220
Mon-Sat 10:00 - ?, Sun 12:00 - ?
Comments: "Popular Japanese grocery store with a decent selection of perishables, non-perishables and frozen foods. They also carry sushi grade fish. Customers are primarily Japanese. In the same shopping center is a Japanese gift store, bakery, and a sushi bar." -(DM)
A fairly detailed review of their takeout sushi etc.

Pennsylvania and South New Jersey

See also the NY-NJ-CT page.

Han Ah Reum/H-Mart
7320 Old York Road
Elkins Park, PA 19027
Tel : 215-782-1801
also at
7050 Terminal Sq.
Upper Darby, PA 19082
Tel : 610-734-1001
also at
1720 Marlton Pike.
Cherry Hill, NJ 08003
Tel : 856-489-4611
Nation-wide chain. See top of page for general comments.
Comments: "These are all within minutes from downtown Philadelphia. I’ve personally never been, but commenters above have already mentioned their wares." - (yoko)
36 N. Narberth Avenue
Narberth, PA 19072
(about 25 minutes from downtown Philly)
(610) 747-0557, fax (610) 747-0541
Email:seiko [at] maidookini [dot] com
English site, Japanese site
Comments: "Small store, but good selection of produce, frozen items, and packaged foods. Also has a limited selection of toiletries, household appliances, books, magazines, and paraphenalia. There is a lunch counter where you can get made-to-order okonomiyaki and yakisoba, as well as onigiri and sometimes sushi." - (yoko)
"The store is small but seemed to have a good selection of Japanese foods. They also sell (or maybe rent) DVDs and other media. There is a lunch counter that serves okonomiyaki, and they also make and sell onogiri." -(Valerie)
Tokyo Japanese Store (東京商店)
5855 Ellsworth Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15232
Tel: 412 661 3777 Fax: 412 661 3773
mailorder [at] tokyostorepgh [dot] com
Japanese and English web site
10 am–7 pm (Tues–Sat) 10 am–5 pm (Sun) Closed Monday; Parking space available
Comments: "A small store with nice staff. They sell a selection of Japanese staples and frozen foods, as well as cup ramen and a reasonably-sized video rental corner. No alcohol, thanks to the Commonwealth. They generally take a couple vacations a year where they’re closed for a week or two, one around Thanksgiving." -(Christina)
"Tokyo is small but it’s the only Japanese run Japanese food store in Pittsburgh that I know of. It has the basics, sells Japanese style pastries/sweet bread (melon pan, etc.) and even has some rentals for Japanese TV shows. My favorite thing about the store is the Japanese-style bentos they make fresh everyday. There is usually a selection of two or three kinds and they are yummy!" -(morgan)
Young's Oriental Grocery Store
5813 Forward Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15217
Tel: (412) 422-0559
Mon-Sat 10:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m.
Korean and English web page
Comments: "A small Korean-owned grocer, this store carries a good amount of Japanese food products, snacks, breads (think melon pan, anpan, an donuts), as well as big bags of rice and Japanese style electric rice cookers. Just be sure to check the “sell by” date on everything before you check out though." -(morgan)


See below under Washington State/Oregon.



Asahi Imports
Northwest Center
6105 Burnet Road
Austin, TX 78757
Tel: 512-453-1850
Open Daily 10:00am - 7:00pm
"We've been specializing in Japanese food since 1967"

Dallas-Fort Worth area

Hong Kong Marketplace
1816 E. Pioneer Parkway
Arlington, TX 76010
Tel: (817)265-1488, Fax: (817)459-2345
Sunday - Thursday 9:00am - 9:00pm, Friday - Saturday 9:00am - 10:00pm
See below for comments on the Dallas store.
Hong Kong Marketplace
9780 Walnut St # 360 (North Dallas)
Dallas, TX 75243
(972) 437-9888
Sunday - Thursday 9:00am - 9:00pm, Friday - Saturday 9:00am - 10:00pm
English website
Comments: "This is in North Dallas, and was my go to place for Asian cooking supplies when I lived there. There is a Japanese isle and an excellent selection of dried ramen, Asian vegetables, and seafood. If you go to get staples like soy sauce and rice vinegar, check out the versions on the Chinese isles. They are cheaper than the ones on the Japanese." -(Susan)
Seabose Grocery, Sushi & Seafoods
2760 Trinity Mills Road #102 (Far North Dallas)
Carrollton, TX 75006
Japanese website
TUE-FRI 11:00-7:30, SAT 8:30-7:30, SUN 11:00-6:00
Tel: 214-483-5839, Fax: 214-483-2196
Comments: "Small, excellent Japanese grocery at Trinity Mills & Marsh. Sushi fish comes in on Tuesdays and Fridays. They are happy to answer questions and everything we’ve gotten from them has just been fantastic. Sushi available for takeout only; calling or faxing ahead is recommended." -(Lyn never)
Shop Minoya
3115 W Parker Rd
Plano, TX 75023
Tel: (972) 769-8346
Comments: "You can find almost all the basic Japanese ingredients you need, some kitchenware and bento supplies, frozen food, canned food, sweets and snacks, beverages and etc. I feel that the prices are reasonable too. This is one small authentic Japanese shop which I like to go even if I have totally no idea what I want to buy. I always leave the shop with several plastic bags of goodies. I absolutely love the shopping experience there!" - (Jaslene)

Houston area

Dun Huang Supermarket
9889 Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX, USA 77036
Comments: "I haven’t gone to this one yet because it’s new, but I’ll give you a ‘review’ when I check it out." -(Steph)
Hong Kong Food Market
11205 Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX 77072
(281) 575-7886
Also at
13400 Veterans Memorial Dr
Houston, TX, USA 77014
Tel: (281) 537-5280
Price range: $-$$, but mostly $
Comments: "I have been [to the Veterans Memorial Dr. store] a couple of times, and they do have some Japanese items and produce (like the other one on Bellaire Blvd), so it’s not too bad =) It has less of a selection of everything (it’s smaller) than the other one though. But it’s cleaner." -(Steph)
Golden Foods Supermarket
9896 Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX, USA 77036
(713) 772-7882, (304) 325-6262
Price range: $-$$, but mostly $
Comments: "They (Hong Kong Food Market and Golden Foods Supermarket) sell all-around (though mostly chinese and vietnamese) asian products/food: I prefer ‘Golden Foods Supermarket’ between the other one though, because it is much cleaner and newer (just opened a year ago I think) than Hong Kong Food Market, but HKFM is bigger (at least I think so). But these are both pretty big, it’s just that HKFM smells xDD" -(Steph)
Nippan Daido
11146 Westheimer Rd
Houston, TX 77042
(713) 785-0815
English and Japanese web site
Mini-chain with stores in White Plains NY, Fort Lee NJ, and Houston Tx. Food, housewares, kitchen appliances, video rentals.
Price range: $$ (moderate)
(recommended by Steph)

Welcome Food Center (惠康超級市場)
9180 Bellare Blvd
Houston, TX, USA 77036
Tel: (713) 270-7789
Comments: :This one I have been to, but I went there a long time ago, so I can’t really remember if they have alot of Japanese items. I think they have a fair amount, but it’s mostly Chinese/Vietnamese.: -(Steph)

Washington D.C./Maryland/Virginia

Daruma Japan Market
6931 Arlington Rd.
Bethesda, MD 20814
Tue - Sat : 10:00 - 20:30; Sun : 11:00 - 18:00
Japanese only website (the owner also has a golf-oriented blog)
"Largest selection of Japanese foods in the metro area."
Han Ah Reum
8103 Lee Hwy
Falls Church, VA 22042
See above Nationwide section. Korean grocery chain with many Japanese products.
4947 St. Elmo Ave
Bethesda, MD 20814
Comments: "Small Japanese food store specializing in sushi carry-out."
Naniwa Foods
6730 Curran St.
McLean, VA 22101
Comments: "Authentic Japanese food store with large selection of premium sake."
"Naniwa, although the only truly Japanese store in the area, does not take credit cards (a dismaying fact I tend to forget when I go there)." -(renae)
Lucky World
3109 Graham Road
Falls Church, VA
(703) 641-8585
Comments: "Large Asian Food Store with selection of Japanese goods." -(anon)
Lotte Mart
11190 Parklawn Drive
Rockville, MD
(301) 881-3355
also at
3250 Old Lee Highway
Fairfax, VA
(703) 352-8989
Totally useless website
Lotte is a huge South Korean-Japanese conglomerate. They seem to have just the two stores in the U.S., though it's hard to tell at all from their crappy website. They also operate fast food restaurants and manufacture snack foods. They also own a baseball team in Japan. Wikipedia entry.
Comments: "Large Asian Food Store with selection of Japanese goods." -(anon)
Super H Mart
10780 Fairfax Blvd. (Lee Hwy.)
Fairfax, VA 22030
Part of the Han Ah Rheum/Super-H etc. chain - see Nationwide section above. Korean grocery with Japanese products.
"My favorite of all the stores I’ve found in Northern Virginia is Super H, which Lisa mentioned in her comment." -(renae; originally recommended by Lisa)

Washington State/Oregon

99 Ranch Market
22511 Highway 99
Edmonds, WA 98026
Tel: 425-670-1899
Hours: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM / 7 days
Also at:
18230 E. Valley Highway #100
Kent, WA 98032
(425) 251-9099
Hours: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM / 7 days
Comments: "I’m surprised nobody has mentioned the 99 Ranch Market chain yet! There are two here in western Washington, one very near my house, just as large as Uwajimaya and cheaper!" -(Shannon)
See top of page for general comments.
Alderwood Mall
3000 184th Street SW, Suite 398
Lynnwood, WA 98037
Mon-Thu 10:00-21:00, Fri-Sat 10:00-22:00, Sun 11:00-19:00
Also at
Space #D-12,2013 S.Commons
Federal Way,WA 98003
Mon-Sat 10:00-21:00, Sun 11:00-18:00
Also at
West Lake Center
400 Pine St.Suite 1005
Seattle WA 98101
Mon-Sat 10:00-21:00, Sun 10:00-18:00
Also at
Bellis Fair Mall
One Fair Parkway #618
Bellingham WA 98226
Mon-Sat 10:00-21:00, Sun 11:00-18:00
Comments: "Daiso is a Japanese dollar store carrying some food items (snacks, candy, and other convenience foods) as well as a large variety of other Japanese products for $1.50 USD (up to $5 USD for some items). This is a great resource for Japanese cooking utensils, Bento boxes and accessories, and all kinds of other odds and ends."-(Augustina)

15555 NE 24th St. & Bel Red Rd.
Bellevue, WA 98007
Phone: (425)747-9012
Mon.-Sat. 9AM-10PM, Sunday 9AM-9PM
English and Japanese website
also at
600 5th Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98104
Phone: (206) 624-6248
Mon.-Sat. 9AM-10PM, Sunday 9AM-9PM
also at
10500 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale HWY
Beaverton, OR 97005
Phone: (503)643-4512
Mon.-Sat. 9AM-10PM, Sunday 9AM-9PM
Mailorder via Amazon.com
Comments by Maki: Uwajimaya, or Uwaj' as it's affectionately called by locals, is a family run operation. Their flagship store in Downtown Seattle is about the size of a supermarket. It carries about 50%-60% Japanese food, plus Chinese, Korean and regular-American food (fresh produce, meat, etc). Very well stocked. Parking can be a bit of a pain on busy weekends, due to its popularity. A wonderful center of the Asian community. At the Downtown store, there is a small sit-down area to enjoy takeout style sushi and bentos, and a Kinokuniya bookstore attached. A Daiso is located right across the street. (Based on Jan. 2011 trip.)
Other comments: "The stores are pretty large and have good selections of just about anything you’d need to cook Japanese food. The Beaverton and Seattle locations also have a Kinokuniya bookstore. All the grocery stores have Japanese groceries, butcher and fishmonger. They also have all sorts of Asian foodstuffs, dishes, cutlery, appliances and toys." -(tami)
"Both stores carry a number of "international" goods, but they have a very Japanese focus. Prices are middle-of-the-line." -(Dina)

Viet Wah
1320 S. Jackson St
Seattle, WA 98104
Tel: 206-329-1399
English web site
Also at
6040 Martin Luther King Jr. Way
Seattle, WA 98118
Tel: 206-760-8895
Also at
2820 N.E. Sunset Blvd.
Renton, WA 98056
Tel: 425-336-6888
Comments: "Vietnamese grocery with Japanese products (food and rice cookers). Produce is always cheap, fresh, and plentiful." -(Lillian)

U.S. only mailorder-only sites

The stores listed with web sites above will sometimes also have mail order services - check the individual listings.

In addition, the following companies are primarily (or solely) mail order places, who ship only within the U.S.:

Bento fans should also check Where and how to buy bento boxes and equipment on our sister site, Just Bento.

  • Amazon.com - Groceries, Gourmet Food, kitchen equipment. JH Amazon astore with some of my recommendations (help support the site, at no extra cost to you!)
  • Japan Super. Online Japanese grocery store. Ships within the 48 contiguous states. Their online catalog lists a wide variety of Japanese foods. Based in California.
  • KOAMart: Korean food, some Japanese food also.
  • Sugar Charms: Cake decorating supply store that also has a good selection of bento items. "I really like sugarcharms.com for interesting and moderately priced bento items." -(Becki)

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