Japanese grocery stores in Germany

General notes on Germany: The biggest Japanese expat community is in the Düsseldorf area.

Updated May 2009.

Mailorder company based in Germany

Ja-Mart is based in Germany and also states on their web site (which is in German, English and Japanese) that they ship to various countries in Europe. Besides food, they sell kitchenware, tableware, etc. including some 220V electrical appliances such as Zojirushi rice cookers.
Comments on Ja-Mart: They tend to be rather slow in responding, though they do eventually ship! They sell some unusual items such as _natto kinase_ (natto spores) for making their own natto! For Swiss shoppers, they do ship to Switzerland though it's not listed in their dropdown menu of countries. (maki)


Daruma Japan Food
Uhlandstr. 61
10719 Berlin
TEL: 030 8736131


See my in-depth report on Düsseldorf's Japanese quarter around Innermanstrasse. Also see this article which described Düsseldorf as "Little Tokyo on the Rhine".

Bakery My Heart
Marienstr. 26
40210 Duesseldorf
TEL: 0211 5504760
Mon-Fri 8:00-19:00, Sat 9:00-18:00; closed Sun
Japanese-style breads, baked goods and sweets. Has a sleek modern cafe area for eating in.
Bakery Taka
40210 Duesseldorf
TEL: 0211 350374
Mon-Fri 7:30-19:00, Sat 7:30-18:00; closed Sun
Japanese-style breads, baked goods and sweets. Has a few tables for eating on the spot. (maki)
Dae-Yang Asiatische Lebensmittel/Taiyo Shokuhin
Immermannstr. 21
40210 Duesseldorf
TEL: 0211 357227
Mon-Sat 9:00-20:00; closed Sun
Korean grocery store with a large number of Japanese foodstuffs (about 50/50). Dinnerware, cookware to the left of the store. Fresh fish counter. (One of the two grocery stores to target on Innermanstrasse - maki)
Kim's Asia Center
Stresemannstr. 27
40210 Duesseldorf
TEL: 0211 369922
Korean/Asian market with Japanese products.
Several locations
Annoying Flash only site in German
A Japanese deli. Bento boxes, readymade foods (osouzai) and sushi etc. to go. Also does catering. (Was not overly impressed by the quality - maki)
Rewe Nahkauf
Luetticherstr. 17
40547 Duesseldorf
TEL: 0211 588432
Shochiku Im-Export GmbH
Immermannstr. 15, 40210 Duesseldorf
Tel: 0211 365959
Mon-Sat 8:00-20:00; closed Sun
Japanese grocery store, also has Korean foodstuffs (about 60/40 Japanese/Korean). Nice looking fresh fish and meat counter, a small fresh produce area. Narrow aisles, crowded. (One of the main grocery stores on Innermanstrasse. I liked their takeout sushi better than Maruyasu's. -maki)


Akebono Catering
Hausenerweg 23
60489 Frankfurt
Tel: 069 7894530
Himawari Handel
Closed, according to a recent comment.
Mori Craft GmbH
Schlossstr. 24
60486 Frankfurt/M
Tel: 069 9520 8542


E-Shin Shopping
Grete-Nevermann-Weg 22-24
22559 Hamburg
TEL: 040 810925
Heng Who
Gotenstr. 3
20097 Hamburg
TEL: 040 230036
Sakai Shoten seit 1953
Grindelberg 41
20144 Hamburg
TEL: 040 4221914
German and Japanese web site
Vinh Loi
Klosterwall 2a
20095 Hamburg
TEL: 040 325889

Köln (Cologne)

Heng Long Asia Supermarkt
Aachener Str. 201-209
50931 Koeln
TEL: 0221 2828800

München (Munich)

Munich also has several general Asian food stores. See this page for a big list.

Frischmarkt Sano
Frauenstr. 11
80469 Muenchen
TEL: 089 23685941
Part of the Sushi Sano group, which does have a working website (in German), but they seem to have let the domain frischsano-markt.de expire.
Y. Suzuki - Japanische Feinkost
Rumfordstr. 40
80469 München
S-Bahn - Isartor
TEL: 089-2166 9555
Fax:089-2166 9554
ysuzuki at t-online.de
Japanese and German web site
Japan Shop
Westenriederstr. 47
80331 München
S-Bahn - Isartor
Tel.: 089 226663
Fax: 089 2904779
Färbergraben 10
80331 München
U-Bahn/S-Bahn - Marienplatz
Tel.: 089/26 03 343
Japanese web site

Two non-food stores:

Herzogstr. 7
80803 München
U-Bahn - Münchner Freiheit
Tel.: 089/34 94 54
Fax.: 089/39 56 85
German web site
Non-food. "Japanese lifestyle" goods: furniture and fixtures, ceramics, handmade kitchenware, etc.
Ohmstrasse 3
80802 Munich
Tel.: 089 33019644
Mon-Fri 11am - 7pm, Sat 11am - 4pm
Main store web site in German; Mailorder web site in English and German.
Non-food. "Japanese lifestyle" goods: books, manga, CDs, DVDs, Hello Kitty. Where Japanalia pushes traditional goods, Japansalon sells 'hip' and 'cute' stuff.
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hi, i love your blog. especially where to shop for japanese goodies worldwide. fantastic!!!
i came across this store while shopping yesterday. thought it might be nice addition to the list. keep the the great work. cheers. kris

Töngesgasse 42
60311 Frankfurt
Tel: 069.281.950
japanese tableware and others. no food.

I've been to the one in Berlin and found everything I needed. Great collection. In case you get a chance to go, I thought German Travel Phrases and Vocuabluary was a great resource to brush up on my German.

Hi Maki,

At first, I landed in just bento as I wanted to find a recipe for tamagoyaki. I'm soooo excited... at last I found a lot of japanese recipes in english :)

I live in Frankfurt and usually buy japanese goodies in a normal Asialaden. There's one called:
YuanFa Asia Markt
Kaiserstr. 53
60329 Frankfurt

I could find all basic ingredients there.. but couldn't find all that I needed...

And then I found the list here. At first I went to Akebono Catering. But it isn't a normal shop. They only sell their goods to restaurant. So I went to Mori Craft GmbH.. Well, it's a small shop, but at least they sell stuffs that I couldn't find in YuanFa.

Thank you soooo much for the lists (and of course all the recipes). It helps a lot :)

MfG, Cheryl


Japan Shop Izumi
Liststr. 26
70180 Stuttgart

Tel. 0711-606895

Small store, apparently Japanese-owned, has food as well as some ceramics and other non-food items


unfortunately Himawari in Frankfurt-Niederursel doesn't exist anymore.

So don't waste your time getting out there, it's no longer worth the trip.

Can anyone tell me which stores are still open as of now, May 2010? I'm moving to Germany soon and want to have essentials for Japanese cooking. Especially near Würzburg, please? Thank you!

There's another Mikado in Munich:
Sendlinger Str. 46
You can take the U1 to Sendlinger Tor and walk from there.

that one is very nice, although i was the only one caucasian person there:) (which is a positive).
very nice stuff and great atmosphere.

There are two Asian stores on Rosenheimer Str. (Munich).
One of them is called the Orient Shop and this stocks some basics for Japanese cooking, for example mochiko, gyoza wrappers etc.

I am located in Cologne, and am looking for fresh yuzu. Has anyone ever seen it? Maybe in Dusseldorf? Any help would be great! Thank you!

Restaurant and deli store Morozumi has been terminally closed in late 2006. Please remove address from your list, thank you.


Dae-Yang in Düsseldorf is shipping, too! Even frozen goods :D (www.dae-yang.de)

And I want to add Göttingen: Feinkosthandlung Ewert, Weender Straße 84, 37073 Göttingen, Tel. 0551 57020. They have a litte but fine selection of japanese foods like frozen Natto, many sauces, Inari-Zushi and others.

Thank you for your inspirational blog!



japanese grocery store BERLIN

smart deli
chausseestrasse 5
10115 berlin-mitte


they also deliver in berlin, hamburg and leipzig ( : : )

There are several Asian supermarkets in Karlsruhe (Baden-Württemberg) that sell a bit of Japenese food (among lots of other stuff). They are all not that great, but it's something.

My favourite one is

Asia Markt
Sophienstraße 59a
76133 Karlsruhe
+49 721 21955

They don't get a lot of Japanese food and it's often sold out. So call them in advance and ask about the next delivery date.

They sell very good Japanese miso, Italian sushi rice, udon, shiratake, soba, a small variety of Japanese sauces, Japanese mirin, all the standard sushi ingridients, frozen fish, variety of mushrooms and tofu. Additionally, there is a decent choice of vegetables in an extra cooled room, and a large variety of beans.

Be aware of the fact that the staff often doesn't know what they actually have in stock and has no idea about Japanese food! You have to look for everything on your own.

Ebertstraße 44
76137 Karlsruhe

A tiny choice of essential Japanese sushi ingridients. Home-made tofu, fresh greens from Asia.

Füllhorn Naturkost und Naturwaren
Erbprinzenstraße 27
76133 Karlsruhe

Pricey organic store offering a variety of ARCHE branded products. You can get quite decent soy sauce, mirin, sake, soba noodels, wakame and miso there.

I'm having trouble locating much any proper Japanese rice in the Karlsruhe, Baden-Baden (Baden-Württemberg) area. Most of the rice I have come across is Italian risotto rice or milchreis, and has nothing to do with traditional Japonica rice.

I found one importer who deals with real Japanese rice (perhaps not from the nation of japan, usually USA), http://www.jfc.eu .

Misori, a product of the US, calrose rice, I have found to be the closest substitute to what I remember from my childhood in Japan. I know that its used in japan as well, sometimes, rarely, by people who don't know what rice is about, even then its polished down to about 1/3 its original grain (to remove excess starch).

I have been looking for any serious shops, that carry Natto or one of the many other fresh staples used in traditional Japanese cooking, sadly to no avail. Everyone carries the standard takuan, nori, (very bad) dashi, some miso, tofu etc. but that seems to be it. The market is catering to those who don't know about rice, and don't care, it simply needs to stick for the sushi roll (lol).

So anyone got any tips, be it online shops or other, for authentic Japanese food stuffs?

Mittelring. 64
34125 Kassel

Tel: (Germany)(0561)8706957
Tel: (Germany)0176/84346575

Website: http://www.asiamarkt-wing.de

It's pretty much the biggest asian grocery store in the area (northern Hessen), and even though it's mostly Thai and Chinese products it still has more Japanese ones than the rest - though of course not as much as the stores in Düsseldorf. (Especially vegetables and other fresh products are missing.)