Japanese grocery stores in Australia, New Zealand, Pacific

Japanese grocery stores (or stores that stock Japanese food products) in Australia and New Zealand. If your favorite stores aren't listed, let us know the details in the comments!


Adelaide (South Australia) area

Little Tokyo! Japanese Food, Fashion & Culture
2a Victoria Square, Adelaide SA 5000
(08) 8231 2255
Comments: "A small shop, but stocks a small but varied range of food items, homewares, tableware, DVDs & books. They regularly stock the Urara, Putifresh & Clickety Click bento boxes, but usually only in sets, containing a box, bento bag & chopstick set. They also occasionally have cutters, sauce bottles, onigiri moulds & picks, the range depending what they can import, I suppose! This is the only place in Adelaide that I can reliably find bento supplies. The food range is great - all the items have a ticket on the shelf with both the Japanese & English name, which is a great boon to those who can’t read Japanese! You can get difficult to find items such as sakura denbu and tarako spaghetti sauce. There is a frozen range with croquettes, kamaboko etc, and tofu, noodles etc in the fridge. The staff are quietly helpful, and I’m sure would be happy to advise on how to prepare a particular ingredient." -(alioc)

Brisbane (Queensland) area

102 Mary St, Brisbane
Comments: "Mostly Chinese but a good Japanese section. Reasonable prices and sometimes good sales." -(sherd)



Koz Market
85 Elizabeth St, Brisbane
Tel: (07) 3220 2677
Comments: "Has a good range of Japanese & Korean food, reasonable prices. Not very big." -(sherd)

Melbourne area

Perth (Western Australia) area

Nippon Fare
Crossways Shopping Centre
Crnr Rokeby Rd and Bagot Rd
Comments: "They don’t carry any fresh veggies, herbs etc, but they have a massive range of frozen, dried, bottled, packaged etc. goods."-(Hayley)

Sydney (NSW) area

Asian City
Shop 2
369 Victoria Ave.(in Victoria Plaza)
Chatswood, NSW
(02) 9419 8088
Comments: "Mostly Chinese goods, but they have a pretty large Japanese selection. Really, really good prices."-(Dina)
Jusco Asian Supermarket & Butcher
Level 6, Westfield Chatswood
1 Anderson St, Chatswood
Korean, Japanese, Asian groceries. See this page.
VPlus Supermarket
Shop 10-14
Campsie Centre
14-28 Amy Street
Tel: (612) 9718 8699 Fax: (612) 9718 6670
Open 7 days (check web site for hours)
Chinese and English web site
Also at
Shop 1008-1010
Westfield Shopping Centre
Cnr Bathurst Street and Elizabeth Street
Tel: (612) 9602 8688 Fax: (612) 9600 8300
Also at
Shop 42
Metro Shopping Centre
34 Victoria Road
Tel: (612) 9550 3877 Fax: (612) 9550 5022
Also at
Shop 217
Gosford Town Centre
Cnr. Henry Parry Drive & Donnison Street
Tel: (612) 4322 8699 Fax: (612) 4322 3099
Comments: "I use the one at Liverpool regularly, They have a decent range of Japanese food items but you will have to often search through the isles for what you want as the staff don’t know the Japanese names of things as the store tends to cater more towards chinese." (Becki)

New Zealand

(none listed yet!)

Japanese grocery stores (or stores that stock Japanese food products) in Australia and New Zealand. If your favorite stores aren't listed, let us know the details in the comments! (Once the information in a comment is incorporated into the main article, the comment is deleted.)

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Jusco in Chatswood (NSW) is no longer there, sadly. :(

There is another one in Mandarin Centre, actually, but I forgot its name. I will be in Chatswood today so I'll try to check. :)

I have located the other good Asian grocery in Chatswood - it's Miracle Supermarket at Shop G01 65 Albert Ave Chatswood NSW 2067 (that's on Level 1 of Mandarin Centre). It's a bit pricier than Asian City but a bit bigger. Tends toward Chinese food, but has a decent supply of Japanese stuff as well.

Hello! ^_^ I live in New Zealand and I accidentally found your site! Please keep up the good work!

Auckland -
Japan Mart (Retail Shop)
75 Anzac Ave. Auckland, New Zealand

Wellington -
Unit K, 175 Rongotai Rd. Kilbirnie, Wellington, New Zealand

Christchurch -
56 Newtown St. Bromley, Christchurch, New Zealand

Hope that helps with the update!~ ^_^

Hello again! ^_^ I found some more places in Auckland.

Auckland -
オークランド/Made in Nippon
オークランドの目抜き通りQueen Streetにあり、買い物に便利なメイド・イン・日本。各種調味料はもちろん、お米、お菓子、納豆、お漬け物、お茶の葉、各種お酒など種類は豊富です。たいていのものを購入することができます。その他、日本人形やのれん、食器類なども購入できるので、親しくなった地元ニュージーランド人へのプレゼントの際にも便利です。
住所:313 Queen Street, Auckland

オークランド/Japan Mart
オークランドにある日本食材店です。各種調味料からお米やお菓子、和/洋のお菓子、豆腐、納豆、お漬け物、各種お酒など種類は豊富で、自炊をする際に必要となるほとんどの日本食材を購入できます。日本人が好む冷凍の食材や冷凍食品も多く、日本食が欠かせない人も問題ないでしょう。また、Japan Martの取扱商品一覧のデータをE-Mailで請求できます。
住所:75 Anzac Avenue, Auckland

オークランド/Takano Food
日本人経営のパン屋さん。懐かしい日本の味のパンを各種販売しています。店舗はなく原則的に配達のみですが、Made in NippoonやJapan Martなどといった日本食材屋でも購入できます。カレーパンや焼きそばパンなどの総菜パンもあります。
住所:Belmont, Takapuna, Auckland

オークランド/Ellie's Sweets
住所:Belmont, Takapuna, Auckland


Hi~ I really love this site cause I get to try all sorts of new recipes and they taste delicious!
Anyway I made a few holiday trips to Melbourne before and I did try to find some major stores that sell Japanese food. I failed cause I couldn't find any, but hopefully this small piece of information will help! ^__^

I haven't found any major stores that sells heaps and loads of Jap food, but you can find SOME ingredients such as buckwheat noodles [Soba in Japanese], thick egg noodles [Udon in Japanese], dipping/sauce/soup for soba or how ever you can call it [Tsuyu in Japanese], and some tools used to make sushi; they're usually found in Melbourne's major grocery stores, like Coles and Safeway, and most of them would have an Asian Grocery section, so that's where you get it. Really simple food to get, but it's still better than nothing.

So mainly if you want to find most Japanese ingredients in Melbourne, try to find SMALL convienent chinese, japanese and korean, and sometimes vietnamese grocery stores, which you can find in the CBD [Central Business District] itself you can find some around the city and also Chinatown [Located on Little Lonsdale St.], also some suburbs right near the city you can find some stores selling jap food, such as Richmond.

Usually most asian grocery stores have quite a variety of groceries which specialises in Asian groceries, and you can find quite a bunch of Japanese ingredients and tools. The only problem with shopping for food in the city itself, that it's quite expensive! Don't get me wrong, it's usually much more expensive to shop for things in the city rather than the outer suburbs. But then again, Melbourne's things are not cheap...

For cheaper and more variety to shop for Japanese food, you will have to go to the outer suburbs of Melbourne. As for me, I stayed at the southern eastern suburbs, so I did my shopping at suburbs which are mainly asian suburbs, due to the fact that those suburbs was populated with asians. You will find more asian grocery stores in suburbs like these, and they're cheaper to buy compared to buying in the city, and also they have more variety.

So, the main suburb which I used to do most of my asian shopping is Box Hill, and also in Box Hill you can also find vietnamese and korean and chinese groceries, since Box Hill is mainly a chinese suburb. Some other suburbs near Box Hill would also have asian grocery stores, but I prefered Box Hill cause there was much more to shop for.

I hope you find this helpful. Happy shopping!

There are a few places in Melbourne. I got this from the Japanese consulate page in Melbourne:

Oriental Merchant, Head Office, 10 Westgate Drive, Laverton North, Victoria, 3026, 92508133, Freecall: 1800 806 842 (within Australia only), www.oriental.com.au
does not sell direct to public

Great Eastern Grocery, 185 Russell St, Melbourne, VIC, Australia, 96633716

Tokyo Deli, 418 Glenhuntly Rd Elsternwick VIC 3185, 9523 6200

Suzuran Japan Foods Trading Pty Ltd, 1025-27 Burke Rd Hawthorn VIC 3124
9882 2349

Sushi Bar, 31 Chambers St (shop 16/210 Toorak Rd), South Yarra, 9804 7396

Omuro Japanese Take Away & Grocery, 9 Church St Brighton VIC 3186, 9591 0633

Fujimart 34A Elizabeth St, South Yarra, 3141, 9826 5939

Also I recently found this online. They deliver Australiawide (I think). I do not know the standard of service (I am still in Japan), but they sell shouchu, which is what pleased me when I was looking for suppliers when I eventually return! www.ichibajunction.com.au/

I can confirm that Fujimart in South Yarra is a great place to get Japanese ingredients. You can find almost anything you need there (certainly everything mentioned in this blog).

Tokyo Deli in Elsternwick is not bad too. Great Eastern on Russel St in the CBD is a general asian grocer with a small isle for Japanese ingredients.

Suzuran in Hawthorn is a great Japanese grocer and sushi store as well.

Top Bargain in Canberra Centre stocks Putifresh bento boxes, 2 tiers and singles. However, they only have the 'apples' range. Other bento boxes are also available, all are priced at $2. What a bargain!
The shop also sells a wide variety of Japanese kitchen products like Tamagoyaki pan, sauce containers, rice containers etc.

I had been here previously, but when I made a repeat visit (just before Christmas '08) to see if they had any new items, they had shut down...
So that's all for Canberra! Sigh.

There is a Japanese Supermarket in the Sydney CBD area. It's called Maruyu Japanese City Supermarket and is located in 283 Clarence St.

I believe they also have stores in Perth, Gold Coast and Cairns.

If you go to Thai Kee IGA in Market City, you'll find pretty much all of the items from Maruyu at a cheaper price.

And even so, I think you can find cheaper (!).

I just moved from japan, i was searching everywhere for a decent shop of japanese foods. the only place that was cheap and was selling REAL japanese foods and had all the varieties that i would buy in japan was maruyu. they even have cosmetics and a $2.50 shop

it is a must. maruyu. they are number 1

Hello, First of all I would like to say how much I love your website. Keep up the good work! I would just like to know if anyone knows of some good supermarkets selling a wide variety of japanese foods in Perth. I know some of the Asian supermarkets sell them but there's no variety and they only devote 1 shelf to japanese products not alot. Is there like a whole shop devoted to japanese foods in Perth? Thanks in advance.

I know this is year after you posted this, but in case you didn't know of a store still, or to anyone else in Perth, there is one, (however VERY small), along Barrack St. Perth.
It's no where near as big as the Chinese grocery and convenience stores, however what they do sell is all imported from Japan.
They have a section for frozen foods, personal hygiene, dry foods, condiments, sweets, cold foods and drinks, and small cooking and kitchenware.
I can't remember the store number, but it is not visible from the road. To find it, you need to walk just past the newsagent that is next to an office building, or second from the office building, and you need to walk through a passageway. The store is at the end of the passageway.

There is one in Victoria Park.

Super Fuji Japanese Market
245 Albany Hwy, Vic Park

Open Tues-Sun: 11-5
Closed Monday and Public Holidays

It's relatively small and doesn't have many things in stock at times, but it's decent.

the one you're after i believe is a japanese community place as is 33 barrack st :) the number is visible from the street, but only if you're heading towards the river. i've walked past it so many times it's shocking (but mainly because just up from there is bubble tea...)

well there's this nice one in fremantle called 'Nippon Food Supplies' its just down from the Millenium cinema (opposite the map shop, heading towards the esplanade) - they stock almost entirely japanese goods. but I did buy some korean noodles there once. I think there's another one in vic park with the same name...
anyway I recommend this one. or i'd recommend northbridge. they have quite a few places that have general asian food

Lion Oriental Foods Co
13 Fitzgerald St, Northbridge WA 6003

has a reasonable range of Japanese ingredients and an extensive range of Sake and other drinks

Their website indicates that they are related to
125 Barrack Street, Perth 6000,
Western Australia.

Tokyo Deli at 418 Glen Huntly Road Elsternwick is a good Japanese specialist in Melbourne, they also have a kitchen where they prepare fresh food to eat in or takeaway.

Tokyo Mart
Northbridge Shopping Centre
Sailors Bay Rd, Northbridge

There is one big Japanese store that i know of in Auckland called Japan Mart.
That is the website that owns Japan Mart.
I ahve not yet been there but have heard good things of this shop.
Lots of range and good prices.


my flatmate usually gets his stock from that place. they have pretty cheap 1kg mayo!

172 Hereford Street
Christchurch CBD
Christchurch, Canterbury
New Zealand

(+643)377 4591

Here are more details for Japan Mart

Japan Mart
75 Anzac Ave

This is a brilliant shop - it's the retail outlet for one of the main Japanese food importers in NZ. They sell food and cooking supplies.

Suzuran is a wonderful Japanese foodstore. I recently introduced my Japanese friend to it and now he goes there every one to two weeks to stock up! They have many Japanese favourites like Calpico soda and tea/coffee in a can, fresh daikon, numerous types of sake and shochu, onigiri rice ball makers and more! Plus the staff are very friendly even to a skip like me!

There is a small asian grocery shop in the Knox shopping centre with a reasonably good section of Japanese products. It's near the marketplace on the lower level, tucked around a corner from Lennard's chicken.

Source: http://www.japaneselifestyle.com.au/food/foodshopping.html

In Melbourne

1025 Burke Road, Hawthorn, 3122
Tel: (03) 9882 2349

Fujimart (Really recommend this one!)
34A Elizabeth, South Yarra, 3141
Tel: (03) 9826 5839

Ichiba Junction (Daiwa Food)
17 Murdock Street, Clayton South 3169 VIC
Online Sales - www.ichibajunction.com.au
Tel: (03) 9562 7522

Jireh Korean & Japanese
309 Clayton Rd, Clayton, 3168
Tel:(03) 9543 6903

Tokyo Deli
418 Glenhuntly Road, Elsterwick, 3185
Tel: (03) 9523 6200

9 Church Street, Brighton, 3186
Tel: (03) 9591 0633

Japanese Wholesale suppliers in Australia

Jun Pacific Corporation (Fujimart)
3/380 Eastern Vally Way, Chatswood, NSW

Japan Food Trading (Suzuran)
1025 Burke Road, Hawthorn, 3122 Victoria
Tel: (03) 9882 2349

Hakubaku Australia
Soba Noodles
7 Waringa Drive, Wendouree, Victoria
Tel: (03) 53395489

Oriental Merchant
10 Westgate Drive, Laverton North, Victoria

BKK Australia
4/120 Warren Rd, Smithfield, NSW

Foodville in Johnsonville, Wellington is a Korean food shop but has quite a good range of Japanese foods. There are quite a few Japanese food stores around (mostly 'Asian' but with some Japanese), it's quite possible to get almost anything you need. I'm growing mizuna, shiso, daikon and gobo at the moment too, just ordering seeds from local garden stores.

there is a handy magazine i used to pick up at a japanese resturant (ichi-ban, next to books kinokuniya) called J-Mag and it had a really good listing of different restaurants and shops selling japanese food. i remember there was one in cremorne on the north shore, not 100% sure what the name is but i think it may have been a tokyo mart.

thai kee in market city is goos, as is the miracle supermarkets (the one i used to go to is in world square).

i love finding little shops like these :)

I just recently visited Christchurch in December. Kobe-ya is the best place I found for Japanese groceries. For New Zealand the selection is quite good. I brought back several packs of pickles with me. Cheap Asahi beer. There is also a Japanese bakery in Gloucester Archade. They have cream pan, anpan, curry pan, melon pan, dorayaki, cafe-ole pan, etc. It was heaven. Brought a backpack full of those too when I returned to Auckland.

For Auckland:

I've been to Japan Mart in Auckland once. The store is huge. This is the retail location for Tokyo Foods. Take alot of money with you because you can get carried away.

There is also a good alternative store where you can get the basic Japanese condiments, tofu, konyaku and good fresh oriental veggies in Glenn Innes. They also have a selecion of Korean foods too. Sorry can't think of the name but it's across from the train station next door to the Hong Kong Takeaway place next to McDonalds. The meat selection there is great too and very good prices.

For rice, Pak N Save at Sylvia Park has 10 kg bags of Wonder Rose rice from California. I've tried the rice grown in Australia and found it lacked in starchiness. Sort of like eating old rice.

Tokyo Mart in Northbridge Plaza. Absolutely huge! I just went there last week and managed to spend over $70 there. The great thing about this supermarket is they give you a loyalty discount card!

Tokyo Mart:
27 Northbridge Plz, Northbridge NSW 2063‎ - (02) 9958 6860‎

There is a little Korean shop on Cambridge Terrace in Wellington CBD which sometimes stocks some Japanese food, but mostly prepackaged stuff.

Opposite Pak N Save in Kilbirnie there is a Chinese supermarket which has basic Japanese cooking essentials.

Dixon Street in Wellington CBD has a Chinese supermarket as well which has frozen goods and a large range of Japanese snack foods as well as cooking essentials.

Yans Supermarket in Hopper Street (Wellington CBD fringe) has a small and expensive selection of things like mirin, sauces, sushi pockets, etc.

You can find a lot of the cooking basics in the "Asian" sections of Woolworths.

There is also a Korean shop in Wellington CBD on Dixon Street near the corner of Victoria Street which often has a few Japanese items as well - also they tend to have fresh mochi which is delicious... rather expensive there, probably due to location.

But there's nothing like the Auckland shops, so if you go to Auckland, STOCK UP!!!

anyone tried tsukiji supermarket in prahran, melbourne? it's named after the tsukiji fish market in tokyo. even has a good tho limited range of food, fresh fish, sushi and seafood amongst other japanese grocery essentials and homeware.

Tsukiji Supermarket
237 High St Prahran VIC 3181

enjoy :)


Japan Mart has moved, no longer on Anzac Ave, one store in Newmarket and a second store at Sylvia Park, for details check website:


Japan Mart is expensive but the only source for some items. For basics however I tend to shop at the ubiquitous Korean stores, so much cheaper and the quality is good. Surprising how many regular supermarkets have ingredients suitable for Japanese cooking, though a bit more expensive can be convenient.


Do you know of a good Korean grocer somewhere around Manukau City or Sylvia Park? Looking for somewhere I could get to on the rail line.

Try the Asian Food Warehouse.
I lived in Japan when I was young and this place has all the basics in one spot!

300 Manchester St,
cnr Salisbury and
Manchester St

(next To Briscoes)
New Zealand

Phone: +64 977-9544
Fax: +64 977-9547

Store Hours:

Monday - Friday

8.30am - 6.30pm


9.00am - 6.30pm


in perth WA
there is a farmer jacks on girrawheen ave, girrawheen.
it sells huge selection of asian food with a fair variety of japanese food. they sell a lot of frozen and fresh meat as well. they also sell cantonese, vietnamese, chinese etc. theyre pretty cheap you can get pork fillet for about 6 to 7 dollars a kilo bread is a dollar and half a kilo bags of fish balls are about 4 dollars.
there is also another store a few doors down they sell asian groceries and frozen food in bulk but they dont have a huge variety though. although you can find some items you wouldnt normally find in many asian stores

JTT Discount Japanese Food
Unit 3 26-32 Kent Street
Mascot NSW 2020
Entry via Ossary Street

Opening Hours
10:30 - 18:00 Mon - Fri
10:30 - 17:00 Sat


A great shop newly opened to the public.
Fantastic range of foods, including frozen.
Friendly staff. Check out their website.

Please note my previous post - JTT is in Kent Road not street.

Re: grocery stores in Perth, Australia...

- VHT on William St, Perth, sells a good selection of Japanese groceries (including refrigerated items). It has the largest range of Japanese food items I've seen so far in an Asian food store in Perth

- Emma's Seafood also on William St, Perth. The range is smaller than VHT and more expensive

Both VHT and Emma's are open 7 days a week

- Nippon Food Supplies Shop 26, Crossways Shopping Centre, Subiaco, WA 6008. Haven't been here yet but aiming to go in the next fortnight - recently returned from Japan and there are things I can't find at VHT that I miss and hope Nippon stocks. Opens M-F 10am-6pm, Sat 9am-5pm

Does anyone know of any Japanese food stores in the Newcastle area? I would like to try this stuff, but I don't look forward to a three and a half hour train ride there and back, to get groceries every week.

In Melbourne, the best I have found is a place called Fuji Mart at 34 Elizabeth St in South Yarra (just off Chapel St, close to the Prahran Market).

There is also Laguna upstairs at QV in the CBD, which has a limited range of Japanese groceries (more Chinese, but some Chinese foods are similar, like dried shiitake, nori etc).

Also, in Melbourne, often a good bet is Asian-run fresh food markets. These often have useful Asian groceries, including some Japanese ones.

Hope this helps!! :)

I know of a few!

In Sydney (NSW)
1. Name of store: Maruyu
Address: Basement & Ground Floor, 283-285 Clarence St., Sydney
Phone number: (02) 9267 0882
Website if available:
General comments about the size of store, selection, etc:
I think this website pretty much sums it up: http://www.jenius.com.au/2010/02/100_yen_shop_sydney.php
I think it's a mediocre 100 yen store.

Name of store: Thai Kee IGA
Address: Level 1, Market City (Cnr Hay & Thomas Street in the city above Sydney's Paddy's Markets)
Phone number: 9211 3844
Website if available: http://www.marketcity.com.au/stores/supermarketfreshfood/thaikeeiga.amx
General comments about the size of store, selection, etc: It is a very large supermarket with over half of the aisles stocking Asian food. There's about one long aisle of Japanese food. I come here to buy natto.

In Melbourne (VIC)
Name of store: Daiso
Address: Shop 23, 313 Victoria Street
Abbotsford VIC 3067
Phone number:
Website if available: http://www.daiso.com.au/
General comments about the size of store, selection, etc:
It's a new 100 yen store with a large variety of goods. There is a confectionary aisle and also a decent number of bento supplies.

One of the shops that you have listed in Brisbane - Crossways Shopping Centre in Subiaco - is actually in Perth :)

I am researching what happens to the eating and drinking habits of Japanese people who come to live in Adelaide. It seems there is not much here in terms of specifically Japanese grocery stores other than Little Tokyo. If anyone can give me the names and locations of other places that would be great. I am also looking for Japanese residents of Adelaide to take part in a survey of eating and drinking habits, which I will be using for my dissertation paper for my MA in Gastronomy with the University of Adelaide. Confidentiality assured, names will not be published in the dissertation paper.
Robert Rijklijkhuizen

I am considering relocating to Darwin in the near future. Is there anyhwere I can buy Japanese food there? I managed to find 4 Japanese restaurants listed there but none for the food. I could possibly get by with a basic minimum - ie soy sauce, miso, rice, hopefully natto, which my son loves......

Does anyone know any japanese or even just asian food stores in the eastern subburbs of sydney?

Usagi Ya is a small shop at 1/314 Oxford St, Bondi Junction- the city end of the Mall. Ph 02 9369 3121. Despite the Japanese name, the owner and most of the stock is Korean, but they do carry Japanese food basics, some kitchen items, and a few surprises like umeshu.

South Auckland, New Zealand

I know of a shop in Takanini, south auckland which makes its own tofu, from ORGANIC soybeans! I get my tofu from there, not only because it's organic, but because it's FRESH. And it is so so so difficult to get FRESH ORGANIC tofu in Auckland. They also sell kinugoshi (which is again, very hard to find) and you can eat hiyayakko with it! Not only so, they also have fresh organic soymilk. Not only taste well, but good for hotpots. And most importantly, they make organic natto. Ah. Everytime I eat these, feel as though I'm back in Japan :) I heard they have marinated tofu (with seaweed). Haven't tried it though.
Anyway, I spoke to one of the staff and they say they are doing up their website soon.
You can call and order via phone 09-2677428.

Hi all, I have bought all my Japanese food supplies from a small but good shop in Sydney in a small mall behind Woolworths supermarket in George St, opposite Town Hall. It,s a bit tricky to find, but you can also enter the mall from Pitt st. behind Woollies. I even got some nuka (rice bran for making pickles) there. I now need some more as I neglected to stir it,so if anyone knows a shop on the Gold Coast that sells it, please let me know as I,m now in Ballina.

Japan City
120 Cuba St.
Te Aro, Wellington

Centrally located store with a tiny choice of basic packaged cooking igridients: rice, miso, sauces, nuts, nori, wakame... What they sell in the first place is kitchen accessoires (bento boxes, dishes, cups), some Japanese beaty profucts and lots of cute stuff for children.


Asian Mart
19 Shotover Street
Queenstown East 9300

Very decent choice of Japanese groceries.

Japanese food/item store in Auckland, New Zleand

Japan Mart
435 Khyber Pass Rd, Newmarket, Auckland 1023
09-522 8291

I havent been in awhile, but from what i remember they have quite a good selection.

Sunmart Japanese Groceries - have been on the Gold Coast for over 20 years.. now have an online store www.sunmartgc.com.au/store and ships Australia wide.

They are situated at Q Super Centre at Mermaid Waters on the Gold Coast.

a great selection of authentic japanese foods.



http://www.kooktown.com/ アルマーニ腕時計