Japanese Cooking 101: Final thoughts, or what was the point?

I'm still getting reactions to the recently completed Japanese Cooking 101 course (if you missed it, here's the complete list of lessons.) While the reactions have been overwhelming positive, I've gotten a couple of negative comments too.

One I wanted to address in particular is the accusation, if you will, that the lessons do not represent that way most people cook in Japan anymore.

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Something that has been bothering me for a while.

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Hi everyone. I put up a post about my health situation over on my personal site. Please take a look if you're interested.

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This month in the Japan Times, I talk about setsuden (cutting down on electricity consumption) and suzumi (keeping cool).

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Pondering a little about religious and cultural traditions, and food.

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What inspires you to cook?

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We pay for single craft patterns. Why don't we do the same for single recipes?

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Pointing to something non-food on my personal site.

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About how I ended up in a French hospital, and how it's been. Some angst and pretty dodgy looking food pics follow.

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Tsubaki (camellia) 'fountain' at Honen-in, Kyoto

The final post in my Postcards from Kyoto series, with some reflections on what Kyoto stands for, plus more shopping and food.

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