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Daigaku Imo - Japanese University Sweet Potatoes dessert, fall, gluten-free, japanese, party snack, vegan
Konnyaku no Tosani and Konnyaku Kinpira japanese, kinpira, lighter, vegetables, washoku
Variable Roasted Vegetables (an everyday favorite) basics, favorites, vegetables, vegetarian
Roasted spicy-sweet red pepper jam preserves and pickles, vegan
Slimy slimy goodness all together in a bowl japanese, nagaimo, natto, offbeat, slimy, washoku
Botamochi for spring, Ohagi for fall: Sweet Japanese rice and bean cakes dessert, gluten-free, japanese, legumes, rice, sweet, vegan, vegetarian, wagashi
Japanese country style stewed eggplant or aubergine (nasu no inakani) favorites, japanese, vegan, vegetables, vegetarian
Yatsuhashi, Cinnamon sweets from Kyoto dessert, gluten-free, japanese, sweet, tea, vegan, wagashi
New potatoes with sweet-spicy miso japanese, miso, potatoes, vegan
Corn on the cob with butter and soy sauce japanese, summer, vegetables
Steamed eggplants (aubergines) with spicy peanut sauce japanese, lighter, summer, vegan, vegetarian
Chilled wintermelon and shrimp soup japanese, seafood, soup, summer
New potatoes with butter and soy sauce (Shinjaga shouyu bataa) japanese, potatoes, produce, summer
Strawberries, tsubuan, ice cream dessert, japanese, legumes, summer, vegan, wagashi
Kuzumochi, a cool sweet summer dessert dessert, gluten-free, japanese, summer, sweet, vegan, wagashi
Goma dofu: Sesame tofu that's not tofu gluten-free, japanese, vegan, vegetarian
How to cook bamboo shoots (takenoko) japanese, produce, rice, spring, vegan, vegetables
How to cook taro root or satoimo basics, japanese, vegan, vegetables
Quick take: Yogurt (yoghurt) cheese with garlic and olive oil breakfast, dairy, party food, vegetarian
Cooking whole dried soybeans basics, ingredients, japanese, legumes, vegan
A vegan version of nikujaga (Japanese meat and potatoes), plus how to remake Japanese recipes to make them vegan favorites, japanese, potatoes, vegan, vegetarian
Wine, cheese and walnut whole wheat bread using the Almost No-Knead method baking, bread, favorites
Spaghetti Napolitan japanese, pasta, yohshoku
Menchikatsu (or Menchi katsu) japanese, meat, yohshoku
Hambaagu: Japanese hamburger steak favorites, japanese, meat, yohshoku
Bread pudding made with leftover hot cross bunny buns bread, easter, leftovers
Hot Cross Bunny Buns Hot Cross Easter Bunny Buns bread, bunny, easter, holidays
Mitarashi dango, rice dough dumplings with sweet-salty sauce dessert, japanese, party food, wagashi
Lotus root mini-cakes with sweet chili sauce asian, gluten-free, party food, vegan, vegetables, vegetarian
Some unresolved thoughts about white bean paste legumes, vegan, vegetarian
Okonomiyaki, Osaka style japanese, party food
Cod marinated in miso and kochujang fish, japanese, lighter
Bacon wrapped tofu bacon, japanese, tofu
Vegan miso tahini walnut carrots on Just Bento japanese, nuts, vegan
Brown rice and green tea porridge (genmai chagayu) japanese, lighter, rice, tea, vegan
Japanese pan-roasted and marinated duck breast (Kamo ro-su) books and media, duck, japanese, meat, tv
Oden, a Japanese stew or hotpot fish, japanese, slowcook, winter
Hayashi raisu (rice): Japanese beef stew beef, japanese, meat, slowcook, winter, yohshoku
Homemade whole wheat pita bread, no oven needed baking, bread, favorites
Japanese-style vegan mushroom rice: Kinoko no takikomi gohan revisited fall, gluten-free, japanese, mushrooms, rice, sugar-free, vegan
Buta no kakuni: Japanese Braised Pork Belly japanese, meat, pork, slowcook, winter
Wafuu Pasuta (wafuu pasta): Japanese style pasta japanese, natto, pasta, quickcook, yohshoku
There and Back Again: My Perfect Spaghetti Bolognese dinner, favorites, italian, meat, pasta, sauce, winter
Sweet and spicy roasted kabocha squash fall, japanese, sweet, vegan, vegetarian
Preserving shiso, basil, lemon verbena, and other herbs herbs, japanese, preserves and pickles, vegetarian
Lemon verbena and honey granita dessert, lighter, summer, sweet, tea, vegetarian
Deconstructed Tomato: Tomato gelée with tomato coulis lighter, low-carb, salad, summer, vegetables
Zucchini and chickpea pancakes gluten-free, lighter, summer, vegan, vegetables, vegetarian
Tabbouleh with heirloom tomatoes and shiso lighter, salad, summer, vegan
Vegetarian / Vegan dashi (Japanese stock) basics, japanese, soup, vegan, vegetarian