List of Japanese recipes

Wafuu Pasuta (wafuu pasta): Japanese style pasta
Sweet and spicy roasted kabocha squash
Preserving shiso, basil, lemon verbena, and other herbs
Vegetarian / Vegan dashi (Japanese stock)
Japanese Basics: Kaeshi, soba and udon noodle soup or sauce base
Poached and marinated pork (Nibuta)
Corn cream soup with intentional lumps
Mixed vegetable pickles 5-a-day lemon honey mustard salad pickles
All natural instant pickling (tsukemono) seasoning mix
Celery with chili pepper pickles (Serori no pirikara zuke)
Sweet and sour cucumber and wakame pickles (kyuuri to wakame no amasuzuke)
Quick and spicy Chinese cabbage tsukemono or pickle (Hakusai no sokusekizuke)
Asparagus with black sesame sauce (asparagasu no gomayogoshi)
Broccoli with wasabi sauce (wasabi-ae)
Tamagoyaki Basics: Tamagoyaki or Atsuyaki Tamago, Japanese sweet omelette
Smoked salmon temari zushi: Ball-shaped sushi
Japanese Curry Bread (Kare-pan)
Very easy Pao de Queijo, Brazilian cheese bread via Japan
Ganmodoki or Hiryouzu: Japanese tofu fritters
Japanese Dry Curry
The formula for making Japanese curry powder
Japanese beef curry (Curry Rice)
Dried vegetables: Kiriboshi daikon, hoshi shiitake, and more (OJFTMHYLW no. 3)
Seaweed: Hijiki, wakame, kombu, nori, kanten
Onigiri (Omusubi) revisited: An easier way to make Japanese rice balls, step by step
Basics: Cooking Japanese style brown rice on the stovetop in a pot
Produce: Mushrooms, on the wild side
A week of miso soup, day 5: Ground shrimp, ginger and miso
A week of miso soup, day 4: Hokkaido-style corn, chicken and cabbage soup with miso
A week of miso soup, day 3: Grilled eggplant (aubergine) and mushroom
A week of miso soup, day 2: Potato and wakame seaweed
A week of miso soup, day 1: Zucchini miso soup
Kasutera (castella) Japanese sponge cake recipe; plus oyatsu, 3-o'clock snack time
Omuraisu (aka omurice or omu rice, Japanese rice omelette)
Hiyashi chuuka: Japanese Chinese-style cold noodles
Japanese Potato Salad
What to do with Okara (Milking the Soy Bean, Part 3)
Two Classic Japanese Tofu Dishes: Hiyayakko and Agedashi Dofu
IMBB 24: Sweet and Sour Okara Meatballs with Bittersweet Vegetables In Under 30 Minutes
How to make tofu (Milking the Soy Bean, Part 2)
Making Soy Milk (Milking the Soy Bean, Part 1)
Japanese basics: Osekihan (Sekihan), Festive Japanese Red Rice and Beans
Masterchef challenge day 19: Vegetarian Okonomiyaki
Masterchef challenge, day 13: Grilled Sardine on Avocado and Endive with Momojioroshi
IMBB 22: Kitsune Udon with fresh udon noodles
Inarizushi: sushi in a bean bag
Gyoza dumplings
Japanese basics: the essence of Japanese flavor, in a bottle
Is my blog burning?: Spring fried rice with chive blossoms
Steamed buns with roast pork filling (Steamed pork buns, or char siu bao, or chuuka manjuu, or nikuman)