Ten years ago, I decided to start a food blog.

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About a trend in Japan towards growing delicious artisanal rice - article in The Japan Times.


This month's Japanese Kitchen column in the Japan Times is about "kanbutsu", traditional dried food products.


The great city of Osaka is invaded by one giant rubber duck...and a small edible one.


A quick update to show I'm still alive ^_^ Also some photos from Japan.


The moral of the story is probably - don't go shopping on Amazon at 2 in the morning.

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While it is possible to substitute other types of rice for Japanese rice (see: Looking at rice) sometimes a Japanese dish just isn't right unless you use Japanese-type or japonica rice.

Whenever I write about Japanese rice, I always get asked about the best brands to get, whether rice grown in Japan is worth the extra cost, and so on. Here's what I recommend, depending on where you live.

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A lot of people who come to this site or JustBento are here because they think Japanese cooking is very healthy. By and large it is, but, like any cuisine it's not 100% healthy by any means. I've been thinking about what parts of Japanese cuisine are indeed healthy, and what aren't, following up on my previous posts about sushi here and here. Here's what I have come up with.


Some tips for keeping the bounty of summer for later use, especially if you are a diabetic or have other health restrictions.


The English version of the biggest recipe site in Japan launched today.

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